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  1. Here is the aspect for my Firefox 93.0 If you like, you should only install the Addin FirefoxColor from the Addons site and configure it like the images indicate. https://addons.mozilla.org/es/firefox/addon/firefox-color/?utm_source=addons.mozilla.org&utm_medium=referral To finish, create in your Firefox profile folder the Chrome subfolder and paste the userchrome.css file there. (The UserChrome.css file returns the classic appearance of the tabs) (You can find out where the profile is, entering about:support) UserChrome.css
  2. Hello guys! I found 2 Chromium browsers that work in Vista. The bad, is that they do not stand extensions, but ... well! Beaker Browser: Chrome 87 https://filehippo.com/download_beaker-browswer/ They must unzip it and then execute it directly, since if you try to install, it says it requires Windows 7 or higher ... Briskbard (Portable): Chrome 92! https://www.filehorse.com/download-briskbard/
  3. Guys: I just checked that NETGATE Amiti Antivirus 2020.25.0.770 works correctly in Windows Vista (I have Kernelex installed, but don't know if works without it.) Version 2020.25.0.880 or superior can't be installed.
  4. I have verified that VirtualBox stops working when the Extended Kernel is installed. (Again I go back to the old original Vista.) T o T
  5. I never did anything for firefox. The actual firefox? I'll see if I can do it.
  6. It's a theme, but i've modified it. The original is named "Black Stone" (from https://skin.chrome.360.cn/new/index.php) and mine should be copied after install that into the folder "c:\Program Files (x86)\360Chrome\Chrome\User Data\skin\" apokjbdnhekfjdfbmogkdmfnpdfikfkd.srx
  7. Well guys, here is cent browser (chrome 80) with all extensions working. I have download the 64 bits portable and make changes with CFF explorer to 0000 to work in Vista. Initially I used it in windows 7 and from there I installed the extensions, when I started it in Vista all of them were working fine. Another option is 360 Safe Browser, but is chinese. First image is 360 Browser (Chrome 86) Second is Cent Browser. (Chromium 80) http://www.centbrowser.com/history.html

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