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  1. Seems like when installing on W10, if you select W8 mode, you get a theme atlas and PNG for "Win8 Look", however if selecting W10, nothing. Just figured this out empirically by installing both ways on a Win10 system. Perhaps the opposite is true if you are installing on a Win8 system?
  2. Hello and thank you to nidjo2oo1, BigMuscle, and the rest of the contributors to this project! Really, this makes the Win10 UI much nicer, your hard work is appreciated. Donating was a no Brainer! :) I have installed nidjo2oo1's theme/Atlas, and have had success using a number of these. I may even try to play with the PNG a little to learn! The question I have however, I'm quite perplexed about, and it's I suppose just because I am still learning, so please excuse me if this is too "noob" of a question. Installed: - AeroGlassWin8+ (1.5.13) - nidjo2oo1's theme/Atlas - OpenShell (4.4.142) - 7+ Taskbar Tweaker ( What I'm trying to accomplish is to have items in the TaskBar appear with borders. The Win10 approach has them all blended with no borders, and I tend to use 7TT to group items there. Without borders it's impossible to see the groups. In many of the example JPGs of people I've seen this effect, but I can't find the way to enable that. I've included a little snippet from my TaskBar (on win7 system) so that it's easy to see what I'm trying to accomplish. I had thought the Theme/Atlas would provide that, but seems not (or I'm missing how). If any of the folks here could fill in the missing knowledge, or point me to the information so I can learn how to do this, I would be most grateful. Thank You!!

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