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  1. yes, you can center the title by editing the theme properties. Marked with highligter says "Text Centered" you can activate it
  2. Only download Stardock Curtains Go to search for "Midnite 7 by Maximus2020" curtains theme, open it and apply the style. Change your wallpaper and that's all
  3. While I'm waiting for an actualization of glass8 for newer windows versions, I've decided to use "Stardock Curtains" and use a skin (recomended here) with a little edition made by myself. All for having the beautiful Windows 7 appareance. I hope BigMuscle is well.
  4. happened the same to me really sad because I love Crystal Windows appearance and now no more Please Bigmuscle listen us, help us!!!
  5. I have the same problem. After update Windows (January updates) Aero glass stop working properly. What should I do?
  6. Hi, how many days do I have to wait for my confirmation e-mail? I've done that donation from my PayPal Account (alex.pp.leoyet@outlook.es) Recently I've made a Donation because I want to remove the watermark of my desktop. The donation was done last January 28, do you know anything?
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