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  1. Help recovering data from unknown partition

    Thanks Brian 873 TESTDISK saved my life It restored my partitions along with all my data B)
  2. Help recovering data from unknown partition

    Thank you. Will definitely give it a shot.
  3. I don't know if this topic is relevant here but I desperately need help. Hopefully you guys can help me out........... My computer setup: Pentium II 350 Mhz with 32 + 64 MB memory HD 1: Maxtor 40 Gb partition 1: primary NTFS Windows 2000 (my system) = 6Gb partition 2: primary Fat32 Windows 98 SE (my wife)= 4Gb partition 3: primary Fat 32 Windows 98SE (my Son)= 4Gb partition 4: logical, containing: 500mb fat32:swap file 100mb XOSL 1Gb fat32:photo files 1Gb fat32:data files 8 Gb fat32:downloaded stuff rest empty HD 2: Quantum 3.2 Gb empty space logical partition First problem: While booting to "my wife", system hang (& I heard loud strange Movement of HD) & upon restart HD 2 is gone - also from "my system" & "myson" (even bios only saw one hd). I first thought the aging HD 2 broke ...(but I later on found out that HD 2 is still working perfectly. I disconnected HD 1 & made HD 2 as primary, BIOS immediatelly recognized on boot & I can also install win 2k on empty space. But also this system could not recoqnize my logical partition on HD 1 - that I put as slave now) Second problem: Several days later all 3 systems crashed (completely failed to boot). I can only get to "my son" in dos. What is worst, suddenly logical partition got converted to unknown partition (partition magic reported as one EB type partition) My big concern: HOw to get all my data (photo, data files, & downloaded stuff back)? Please help anyone !! Another question if I delete that EB partition using partition magic floppy, will it destroy all data on it or it just delete the partition so that I can make the logical partition & try to recreate those partitions? Prior to this problem I had different setup with Similar problem: HD1: primary 1 : Win 98 my system primary 2: Win 98 my wife primary 3: empty Logical: 1: XOSL 2: Linux swap 3: Linux 4: Photo file 5: Data file 6: downloaded stuff HD 2: at first : empty space + one logical then it became: 1: primary Win 98 game (my son) 2: logical old stuff Using XOSL I hide both partition of HD 2 from "my system" and "my wife" I also hide all partitions of HD 1 when on "my son" No problem with this setup. Probably due to virus infection, "my son" crashed. I deleted it s0 HD 2 is back to original setup, i.e.: 1: empty 2: logical = old stuff Here comes odd problem: If I unhide logical old stuff both "my system" & "my wife" did not boot (just hang). However Linux has no problem whatsoever reading old stuff. I then ghosted "my system" to empty primary 3 for my son. Strange enough, the new my son had no problem with logical old stuff but instead It cannot read any partition on HD 1 logical partition (Photo, data, & downloaded stuff). I had partition magic installed on "my system" & it read all partitions with no problem but the same partition magic ghosted to "my son" read logical partition on HD 1 as EB partition. 2 months ago I decided to reformat & created the above system & had no problem untill couple of days ago............. Please anyone help me rescuing those valuable data back. Thanks.
  4. Win98 Resource Kit

    You are right. Connection is really bad. So far I am not able to download anything. However, now I can see at least the directories.......
  5. 2.0 RC1

    Thank you. Will try it as well Newbie question: How to uninstall Sp 2.0 beta 3? I have these 3 files on my add/remove list: %DosNameHere% Command prompt here UNOFFICIAL Windows 98 SE Service pack 2.0 Beta 3 Any particular order of uninstalling? What else to be manually removed from the system
  6. Win98 Resource Kit

    Thanks guys! I finally made it. I am downloading right now
  7. Win98 Resource Kit

    No passive mode under auto complete ( Iam using IE 6 Sp1) Both IE & Opera could not connect at all as if address did not exist or wrong DNS setting. Firefox always cames back with alert 425 cannot open data. Will try again with disabled firewall How to make sure that my fiefox send automatically my e-mail?
  8. Win98 Resource Kit

    Can anyone explain where to look at "passive mode" ? THanks
  9. finding serial numbers

    Thanks alot guys!! I lost my CD & forgot to write down the key together with the copy in my HD. All of you forum members are really helpull
  10. THANK YOU FOR THIS REALLY NICE SP!!!!!!!!!! One wish list: Make icon label/word transparent so no more background color ontop of custom wallpaer I remembered once downloading a freeware to tweak this but I uninstalled it already. Now I completely forgot that apps.
  11. Win98 Resource Kit

    Hi Cyberthug, Do you mind mailing me that res kit? Tried that ftp many times with no success I lost my CD & the one inside my HD did not have it.