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  1. Why did MS wreck their Windows API documentation so badly? The offline copies from VS2008 properly show which OS was first to have a function (usually), but the online documentation says functions from NT 3.1 were introduced in 2000/XP?

    Why this sabotage?

    1. InterLinked


      Microsoft has literally sabotaged their entire online presence. 90% of their old links are now 404s. Especially documentation. All their documentation is literally 404s now. So if you're getting fake news instead of new news, I'd consider it lucky ;)

      This is why the lack of actual help in W10 is appalling. It's clear they're just lazy. If it's online, it could change on a dime and probably 10 years from now the "help" in W10 won't even work. If it's not available offline, you can't count on anything. And that's true about pretty much anything.

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  2. Do MSFNers use Windows 10 with updates enabled?

    1. InterLinked


      I use a Group Policy to delay updates for some period of time. I forget what it is. It's somewhere between 7 days and 6 months. I also have it notify me to install updates, but do nothing else, so I manually choose when to install updates.

      Most of the time, I use Windows 7, and I have updates disabled since there's no point. Every now and then, I'll manually patch it with the latest updates. No point in having the update service running just for that.

      Honestly, IMO, frequent security updates are the least of anyone's worries with Windows 10. Easily configurable with a GPO. There are far bigger fish to fry with that terrible OS.

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  3. On Facebook, people do not delete or remove messages, they "unsend" them now. :ph34r:

    This is English, not Newspeak. Or is it?

    1. InterLinked


      Interesting. I don't use FB or other social media so I have no idea. I stick to email and you can't unsend email obviously.

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  4. Is it me, or lots of people think that WiFi == Internet?

    1. InterLinked


      It's not just you, it really irritates me that people think that, especially since it's probably been like 6 months now since I've had to use Wi-Fi. I haven't access the Internet NOT using an Ethernet capable in half a year, at least.

      You should check this out: https://blog.interlinked.us/8/what-wi-fi-really-is-and-what-it-isnt

      If only all the tech noobs understood that...

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