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  1. If you get the error downloading, you have to remove the s in https in the url. http works, https doesn't.
  2. The new version of Aero Glass with 19.09 support appears to be available. Big thanks to the dev!
  3. It's out dude, the 19.09 supporting version, but in feature please don't request it so frequently. He/she's got a long history with this project and it's unlikely they'll just abandon it, new versions are always on their way and will be ready when they're ready.
  4. The new version of Aero Glass with 19.09 support appears to be available!
  5. Thank you, really appreciate the help UCyborg!
  6. Hey so I used AeroGlass and it's a tool I want to keep around, definitely, but the popup at startup (just because 1909 isn't whitelisted even though it actually works) was annoying me so I uninstalled it for now. However because I've used the GUI tool to tweak some of the settings I'm worried I've altered the registry, specifically "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM" which seems to have mentions of glass opacity, blur and glow. Are any of these added by the program? I want to know so I can delete any of them that aren't there by default whenever I'm not using Aero Glass. Thanks for your time, and hopefully support!

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