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  1. Thanks a bunch guys! Everything is up and running.
  2. First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm looking for some help to point me in the right direction. The situation is as it follows: I have a WS 2003 EE as primary domain controller and DNS server. I recently promoted a W2008 SE to secondary domain controller, assigning it the role of DNS server (read only). What I'd like to do now is demote the W2003 and make the W2008 the PDC. Is moving the schema master enough to make this transition? Thanks in advance. dk01
  3. Hey svasutin. It's not that the WZC client is exactly faster than the others. The thing is usually they bundle this wireless client in order to get things working easily. For example, the WLAN monitor that Linksys has is a beauty... if you have anything but Win XP. Running on XP it'll be your worst nightmare. It won't disable the WZC so it's going to get up to a point in which it will just stop working ('cause WZC will try to take over). Now, talking about WZC, whenever you have issues connecting wirelessly, just clear the prefered networks box in the connection properties. C'ya.
  4. Hello everybody, This is a great portal, which covers most programming languages: La web del programador. BTW, it's in spanish.
  5. Any Plextor... those are really great, but a bit expensive. Now, the best quality-price I've tried is ASUS 1604P/D (16x DL).
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