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  1. That'll be a wise and sensible decision eventually as there are a few other issues, namely delays and freezes that plague NM27 since then. So you got my vote.
  2. @roytam1 Roy, regarding browser crashing, I just tested with NM Version: 27.9.7 (32-bit) (2021-02-19) and everything went smooth. Opening, viewing and closing PDF's are hassle-free. No crash at all. So the problem must be browser-related. The above NM version is the last 27.9er before shift to 27.10 branch. Maybe something to go on for you??
  3. Alright Roy, the webmail service is called "mail.de" and for opening (attached) PDF's there's an integrated/onboard PDF-viewer that's popping up. There's no browser plug-in in use. Opening and viewing/handling documents is no problem at all this way. Only closing documents crashes the browser immediately. The generated console's report after restarting browser is what you got from me. All I can say is that in the recent past there hasn't been a problem at all, so it must be introduced by changes/modifications you made under the browser's hood. Will test with an older release and report back to you. Hope that helps...
  4. Roy, latest NM Version: 27.10.0 (32-bit) (2021-04-23) still crashes upon closing PDF-pop-up window in webmail services. Opening document is fine. Error report is still the same...
  5. Roy, unfortunately crashing subsists... Complete report is appended. popup_error.txt
  6. Roy, latest NM Version: 27.10.0 (32-bit) (2021-04-09) crashes upon closing PDF-pop-up window in my webmail (service). Opening document is fine. Error report is appended. Please have a look. Thanks. error_console.txt
  7. Repositioning just two round brackets and that's all. Pretty simple (If you only know how...) Just a brilliant job, Roy!! THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES... And thank you too for that EXTRA mile and job!! Priceless... Just works OOB. Great, VL!!
  8. Roy, your latest build (27.9.7.win32-git-20210220) renders my Adblock Edge 2.1.9 unusable. The Ctrl+Shift+U shortcut (Blockable items) won't work anymore which is the one feature I badly need. It's much preferable to the built-in "Network"-tool (Ctrl+Shift+Q). Please have a look into it... Thanks. {fe272bd1-5f76-4ea4-8501-a05d35d823fc}.xpi
  9. Finally, That's GOOD NEWS!! @VistaLover Thanx a bunch for your great support & assistance in that matter!! BTW, there's another issue that caught my eye: On discogs.com I cannot use the combo box field. E.g. here I cannot operate/select the track combo at the bottom of the track list or hit the "Next" button to show up a complete list. Scripts are all allowed. Any suggestions??
  10. Roy, all your subsequent releases after version: 27.9.7 (32-bit) (2020-11-20) fail to display this very web page. So I'm forced to stick with the old one and thus cannot benefit from your future releases. Could anyone reproduce and approve that, please?? The attachment lists all types of items when the "cookie consent" shows up. That's all I can do... blockable items.txt
  11. Roy, sorry to report to you that your latest release does not solve the issue. Please revert or modify respectively the changes you made under the hood as from the NM-20201128-build regarding the "cookie consent (overlay)" / JS treatment, so to speak. All the former releases work flawlessly in that matter. Thanks and happy St. Nick's Day.
  12. Hi Roy, your latest NM27 release (20201128) makes the highly popular German "TV on demand" search page "https://mediathekviewweb.de" (MediathekViewWeb) stop functioning. The "cookie consent"-overlay does't show up as it was (and still is) with the former releases. Will you please look into this issue. Thanks.
  13. Good to know, Roy. And how about the "bookmarks management" trouble in NM27? Will there be a fix in your upcoming release, please?
  14. Damn it, it won't work. No matter how... It's too cleverly constructed. That ad-square will pop up sooner or later. Alas, we'll need another solution...
  15. Blocking "iexplore.exe" - TCP - outbound prevents that "ad-square" popping up. Cheers to all commenters!
  16. Hi, starting PotPlayer recently, gives me a popped up opaque empty window in the right lower corner (above systray) that'll vanish after a few secs. That happens only once after first regular start of the application. Could anyone confirm that and knows how to prevent that behaviour in the options' dialogue or in the registry settings or whatever?? I'd be grateful...
  17. Hi Roy, the "bookmarks"-management in PM27 seems to be partly broken. "Import", "backup" and "restore"-features for both "html" and "json" are not working correctly anymore. The generated files are incomplete and thus too small. May you look into this issue, please. Big thanx to you.
  18. Hi Roy, THANX A LOT for fixing that annoying bug!! Everything's back on track again. Assuming that "Bug 1156875 - patch 1 - URL.createObjectURL leaks in JS sandbox, r=bholley (f3a68da2c)" was the culprit, right? Drove me nuts and disgruntled some others (esp. RainyShadow) during the past week...
  19. OK, folks, found the answer, finally. Indeed, it's the combo of NM28 + UBO v.23 only that make that damn site work. Why the hell is that now?? Just tested it thanks to good old Sandboxie and the result is clear. But there must be a way to extract only the necessary parts of UBO v.23 into v.21 to make it work in NM27, huh??
  20. Thank you both Jaroslaw and Nicolaas! Got the same settings as you. About a fortnight ago I could access that site with no problems at all. I don't believe that NM27 is to be blamed here. So, could be old uBlock Origin instead of latest (absolutely necessary) uBlock Origin the culprit?? What to do now??
  21. Could you please wise me up how you exactly do that? Got Cookies + NoScript (all allowed) + uBO (as seen) Forgot to mention I'm using NM27
  22. Thank you both for your feedbacks. So, NM27 + 28 cannot but Serpent (52/55) can access "spiegel.de" with 'JS on', right? And how about PM28?? Guess that NM28 is (for the most part) ported from PM28. So that one ought to fail here, too?? That "scripting" horror continues...
  23. Hi RainyShadow, in today's NM27 release, the dimensions are correctly displayed.
  24. Need your kind help here: https://www.spiegel.de/ (a well known news portal/magazine in Germany) could only be accessed by me with completely disabling JavaScript. By enabling scripting, that site turns to https://www.spiegel.de/consent-a-?targetUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.spiegel.de%2F where it (usually) grants access by hitting an "accept ads" button. But this button is not visible anymore. The attachment shows my browser's window with JS on. I'm using NoScript + uBlockO. Could anyone confirm that and knows a solution for this?? Does it probably need a specific UA override?? Clueless...
  25. Hi Roy, starting palemoon-27.9.7.win32-git-20200704 in Safe Mode gives me this error report (window): XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: chrome://browser/content/safeMode.xul Line Number 24, Column 1:#ifdef XP_WIN ^ Additionally, just discovered that the latest uBlock-for-firefox-legacy could not be installed. It says that this version is not compatible with NM 27.9.7.

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