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  1. I use Acronis True Image and am fully satisfied with it. You need the Restore/Bootable CD of Acronis Tru Image. There is no need to install (or keep installed) the local copy. Just boot your system using the boot media, create the image and that it. You may keep another copy of the image in a separate harddisk for emergency or when the original harddisk crashes and makes it totally inaccessible. When the need arises, just boot your system using the boot CD, choose restore, select the image, choose where to write the image and your system will be up and running in around 10 minutes. Eager_Beever
  2. I am a little late in replying, but I am planning for my own customized WinXP SP3 and sure would love to add these .avi files. Please letup know about the progress. Eager_Beever
  3. I want to slipstream XPize 5 R6 into WinXP SP3. In fact I have already done this and there was no problem in installing from the modified version. But I also want to nLite my copy of WinXP SP3 to apply some tweaks and slimming down. Now should I first integrate XPize into WinXP SP3 and then nLite or first nLite and then integrate XPize?? Eager_Beever
  4. Hi, I have a desktop (Core2Duo 1.86GHz., 2 GB DDR2 RAM and 360 + 320 + 80 GB Harddisks). I use multiboot with WinXP Pro SP3, Vista Ultimate x86 SP2 and Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I have a broadband internet connection. And I use a licensed copy of Kaspersky Internet Security which I have the habit of updating daily. Since last couple of weeks I am facing a peculiar problem in my WinXP. After about 5 - 9 minutes of connecting to the internet on WinXP data transfer stops but the connection is maintained. I have to manually terminate the connection, swith off the modem and wait for a couple of minutes (sometimes I have do this more than once), switch on the modem, wait for the modem and LAN connection to be steady and then connect again. But after 5 - 9 minutes the same thing happens. When the problem surfaced for the first time, I formatted and installed WinXP SP3 again along with all required softwares. The broadband connection worked OK for a few days but then it surfaced again. I have no problem to broadband connection in either Vista or Windows 7, where I can have a steady connection for as long as I want (I have tested for 10 hours non-stop connection). Hence we can rule out the Modem or the system hardware from being the culprit. The problem lies in WinXP only (software fault/corruption). Besides the broadband problem I do not have any other problem. I suspect Winsock corruption, but "Rizone's Winsock Repair v0.0.5.265" failed to solve the problem. I tried the command "netdiag /test:winsock" and got a result as to "M*crosoft Tun Miniport Adapter" may not be working and "NetBT Transports Test failed" + "No NetBT transports are configured". I have thoroughly checked the system for any malware/trojan/virus etc. with the latest update but nothing was found. Can anybody please suggest me a solution?? I am becoming desperate. Thank you. Eager_Beever
  5. From the beginning the 360 GB SATA II Harddisk has 1 Primary partition (25 GB) while rest are in Logical Drives in Extended Partition. Same is the case for the Laptop. The WinXP CD and Vista DVD I am using are both Legal Retail copies. And the Win2008 Server DVD was sent to me by Microsoft. Anyway lasttime I had activated both OSs Online. Anyway there should not have any problem with Win7 RC which I downloaded from Microsoft directly. I am facing the same booting problem with WinXP and Win7. Also, please remember that I was multibooting WinXP, Vista and Win2008 Server successfully under the same configuration. And I had done the same for many of my friends and customers. I never have faced a similar problem earlier. Eager_Beever
  6. I have an assembled Desktop with Intel Core2Duo 1.87 GHz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, Asus Motherboard with i945 Chipset and 3 Harddisks (Seagate SATA II 360 GB, Seagate SATA II 160 GB and Seagate PATA 80 GB). I have partioned the 360 GB Harddisk as 25 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 75 + 160 GBs. All partitions are NTFS. I had installed WinXP 32-bit, Vista 32-bit and Win2008 Server Trial in the first 3 partitions and was successfully multibooting and never experienced any problem. ALL OSs are installed in the same Harddisk (different partitions). Last June the Seagate SATA II 160 GB Harddisk developed bad sectors and I replaced it with a new Seagate SATA II 320 GB one. Then I decided to format all OS partitions and replace Win2008 Server Trial with Win7 RC1. I installed WinXP 32-bit in C Drive and loaded everything as needed. Then I installed Vista in D Drive. The installation went without any error but when it restarted the final time my boot loader got corrupted and I could not boot into either WinXP or Vista. Then I formatted both C and D partitions again and installed WinXP again on C Drive. Then I installed Vista on D Drive. But this time too the boot loader got corrupted and I could not boot into either WinXP or Vista. Then I used WinXP CD to repair the installation and used "Fixboot C:" command. Still I could not boot into WinXP. Then I used a WinXP Live CD and executed the command "Chkdsk C: /F". This time I was able to boot into WinXP. The same thing is happening with a friend's Laptop too. The Laptop came installed with WinXP 32-bit. I tried to dual-boot with Win7 RC1 32-bit with the same result (loss of boot loader). But in the past I had multibooted my desktop with 3 OSs. Why is it not working this time. The only change has been replacing a harddisk, which I donot think should make any difference. I request members to help me in solving this weird problem. Thank you. Eager_Beever
  7. I am a developer using Visual Basic 6. I have written a program where the user enters some values to text boxes. Depending upon the values, a Word document is created which displays the values entered along with descriptive labels. None of the fields/text boxes are compulsory and the output Word document contains only those non-zero values. The user wants to apply bold formatting only to the values entered by him and not to the descriptive labels. Both the labels and values are to be printed on the same line (in plain and in bold format respectively). I have done everything else. I am able to create a Word document (.doc) using Visual Basic with all the required contents. I am also able to apply Bold and Underline formatting to an entire line. I am able to use different fonts and font sizes to an entire line. But I am unable to apply bold formatting only to a selected word from a line. I need the document in the following format: Today's Price : Rs. 125.00 Available Qty : 10.250 I will appreciate any type of help or suggestion on this. Thank You.
  8. Thank you Takeshi and titou2k for your replies. I enabled "Use Large Icons". Now my Explorer icons ARE bigger but still smaller then usual. But my Desktop icons are BIG. The funny thing is my desktop icons ARE of normal size where as ALL my Explorer icons are small than usual. I am attaching the Consolidated Registry Tweak file that I executed and came to this problem. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regtweaks2.reg
  9. A couple of days ago, I reinstalled WinXP slipstreamed (and unattended) with Service Pack 2. I also applied a registry tweak (which is a BIG compilation of registry tweaks collected from MSFN and other sources including Neowin Autopatcher XP). But now all my icons within Windows Explorer are very small (around half of their normal size). I tried to make them bigger by increasing the value of Icon size from 32 to 48 in Control Panle -> Display -> Appearance -> Advance Appearance -> Item -> Icon. But only my desktop icons became bigger. How can I make all my icons the normal size and color?? If I fail to find a solution, then I will have to reformat my harddisk again and reload everything. I know one of the solutions will be to install StyleXP/WindowsBlind etc. But I prefer to use the default icons. I tried to apply a different theme also. But it didn't work.

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