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  1. *CHRRRRT*
    Russian agent Gans here.
    Some exclusive insider informations from the ex-DDR!
    When I lived in East Germany like 4 years ago, I've met someone called "Mielke", an old man in his 60s. Not Erich Mielke of course, but someone else with that name. Being curious, I've asked him many things about the former times. Stasi? Ah come on, he said, that wasn't such a big topic. The "West" only made that up. I don't know anyone who had problems with the Stasi, he said.

    Yes, he looked his daily news up on RT too. "But reading isn't enough. I tend to forget the important part!", he said. Then he wrote it down, every morning, the whole article. To remember it better. He was able to quote his news sources word by word. It meant a lot to him and the way how he talked himself into a rage was hillarious. Especially the parts about the "fat bosses with cigars" on the top of some capitalist company.

    Of course his old socialist heart was sparkling full of joy about the DDR medicine system. Consider this: The doctors didn't have to make lots of money. They just had to do their job, which was to cure the people. Nowadays, a cured person is the worst what can happen for a hospital, because it's a lost customer! Unnecessary expensive surgery, in which people are talked to. Current waiting times were also unknown, Mr. Mielke told me. If the medicine system didn't have to work efficent, then it's possible to have more people there than necessary.

    Question: Is it a good thing if ALL companies have to make money? If all companies have to be optimised in efficency? What happens, if workplaces become too efficent? Is that a pleasant work then?

    The downside was of course, that some of the DDR workplaces had nothing to do, people got bored, it was a waste of time basically. And to get more money, the actual work was done after the working times, so inoffical work. That's not a good motivation.

    Ah, well. I could share even more stories from the Eastern part of Germany. But both sides have their values. Even with the wall or the Stasi, there is more behind the curtain.


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    2. Dixel


      @Gans, believe what you want ! And I'm not gonna watch russian videos , esp. about russian  drunkards , sorry . Do you have something more pleasant to offer ? Something that has zero Russians ,  zero communists and zero of their goods . 

    3. D.Draker


      @Gansangriff , I prefer watching cute blonds from Texas over russian alcoholics with their cars and whatnot. But found this for you exclusively !


    4. Dixel


      @Gansangriff , lol , I gogled that guy from the video ! He wrote  he's German , his mother , to be precise . No wonders , he doesn't look russian . Not completely , at least . Perhaps one of the POW relative ?

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