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  1. About: Application created for install Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) form Windows and Linux (Debian), for installation it is better to use a mini bootable kernel (WinPE, slax linux, etc.) The program has its own disk editor, file manager, it contains the ImDisk for working with ISO, Wimlib for unpacking .Wim, .Esd images, and the patched libntfs-3g library for installation from Debian based OS. Disk Editor Mode: In this mode you need to run the program with the command / dskdt, you can also specify the program language with the command /ru or /en, also specify the partition table manually /mbr or /gpt (the program automatically determines the launch mode OS, and accordingly creates a partition table) After selecting partition clicking next, the program will create the necessary sections and then create the output.bat (or .sh) file, with the paths, for example: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @echo off set wndr= E:\ set rcvr= D:\ set rsrv= C:\ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Commands: winstallinux D:\Images\Windows10.iso or winstallinux /media/windows10/sources/install.esd Download: Winstallinux

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