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  1. Here it is again, in case you missed it. :-)
  2. Oh, really? :-) Wow! ^_^ That's awesome...& also a great relief! So, I suppose that answers that question...but I still need help getting the layout of my custom theme atlas right. ^^;;
  3. Hmm, you'd think someone would have responded to my questions right now...
  4. Also, is there a way to keep AeroGlass enabled when loading another Windows theme?
  5. I tried making my own custom atlas theme, combining elements from different theme atlases I downloaded from DeviantArt. Unfortunately, my current theme atlas in use is Aerolite, & I don't think the layout of my custom theme atlas matches Aerolite's theme atlas, because when I selected my custom T.A. in Aeroglass GUI, the minimize/maximize/close buttons & their white symbols didn't show up. :-( Can someone please fix my atlas layout, so that everything will show up properly?

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