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  1. Anyone got links to all the KernelEx files/updates required? I went through the "KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates" thread installing what I thought I needed (going by the OP), but just ended up breaking my KernelEx install.
  2. This script replaces the now broken HTML5 YouTube player with a flash alternative. See the attached screenshot of it in action. Requirements Adobe Flash Version Firefox 9.0.1 Greasemonkey Once you've got the above installed, open this link in Firefox to install the script. More information can be found on the script's GitHub page.
  3. I created a Greasemonkey script which should hopefully get YouTube working again on Firefox. Just be aware that it's quite limited in what it can do (sometimes slow to load, fullscreen doesn't work, some videos still don't play, and there's no quality select). Tested On the Following: Adobe Flash Version Firefox 9.0.1 Greasemonkey Installation Link GitHub Page
  4. Managed to get HyperBK installed on 9.0.1 after manually downloading it, opening the package in WinRAR and editing maxVersion in install.rdf. Seems to work OK on 9.0.1, although I had to do a lot of messing around to get the JS bookmark added. Had to create a normal bookmark, export it, edit the URL in a text editor, then reimport it. After all that, it doesn't seem to do anything. Was thinking it was maybe something to do with missing codecs, however the YouTube HTML5 test is reporting both HTMLVideoElement and WebM VP8 as working on Firefox 9.0.1. I tested Pale Moon 26.5.0 on an XP VM which has the same combination, and it seems to be playing videos OK.
  5. Looks like YouTube's completely broken now on my 98 browsers. Was working fine a few days ago, but I'm now getting a "video formats" error on all videos in Firefox 9.0.1.

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