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  1. Hello, I have no problems with the dependability of Aero Glass 1.5.9. Regarding to this it works very fine and modest. But I have another issue in relation to the latest official version of Windows 10. I have downloaded and installed the latest Aero Glass version (1.5.9) before Windows 10 was updated from RS 3 (1709) release to RS 4 (1803) release. Before Windows 10 was updated to the RS 4 release, Aero Glass 1.5.9 (for all RS 2 to RS 4 releases) had no problems with the transparency effect in the titlebars of the desktop windows (like the older version 1.5.8, which was optimized for the RS 3 release). Now, after the Windows update to the RS 4 release was successfully installed, Aero Glass 1.5.9 cannot modify the titlebars with the transparency effect any more, although it should be fitted for the RS 4 release in fact. When launching Aero Glass 1.5.9 under Windows 10 RS 4, it shows the followig error message: Aero Glass for Win8.1 + Incompatibility issue Aero Glass does not know howto hook your version of DWM (0x81). So, I have looked for the installed Windows version: It is now the expected RS 4 release (version 1803), but it is the latest official build 17134.191. As I have read in this forum this build could be too new. So I assume, that the latest official Windows 10 version is still not supported by Aero Glass 1.5.9. Tis means, that Aero Glass cannot be used in order to get the transparence effect at this moment, because it is not compatible with the current Windows version. Am I right? Does anybody have the same or a similar issue?
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