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  1. BlueTooth and Server 2008

    Don't know if you are still having the issues, as its been 3 months, however this might be of use to anyone searching the forums for bluetooth support in server 2008 anyways. You can enable the Microsoft bluetooth stack in server 08 with some inf file modifications, as outlined in the post here: http://www.gilkirkpatrick.com/Blog/post/In...erver-2008.aspx His instruction are for 64 bit windows, but it can be done in 32 bit versions also by replacing the NTamd64 entries in his post with NTx86 This gives another option for those having trouble getting others stacks such as widcomm or buesoleil working, or who just prefer to use the native stack rather than a 3rd party one.
  2. Media Center on Server 2008

    Right, that's where we had left off, we all got stuck at that software restriction policy.
  3. Media Center on Server 2008

    Since everyone got stuck at the same spot i'll at least post the two batch files i made for easy copying of files, though some tweaking is still needed for putting the files in the proper spots in the server 2008 installation. You will still run into the policy issues mentioned here, but the batch files grab the files easily. More_MCE_Stuff.zip
  4. Media Center on Server 2008

    The problem I seem to be having is getting the services started, whether related to the policy issues or not. Whenever i click on them, i get an error message saying something to the effect of the device associated with the service not being present. Near as I can tell this has to do with the LEGACY entries for those services unable to be imported to the registry (those were the errors in the reg file that prevented import), though I will try to remove the enum key in the regular service entry and see if the registry will repopulate those instances automatically. The error pops up if you try to view the properties of the service, and upon trying to start the service it just throws back an error saying it did not repspond in a timely fashion. I also had to import the pnp-x ip bus enumerator service due to it being a dependancy of the windows media center extender service. Not sure if that service is a necessity yet, but I'm trying to be all inclusive here.
  5. Media Center on Server 2008

    Well there are two registry entries relating to one group policy setting that specifically says whether or not media center is allowed to run or not, but not whether it is installed or not. The third entry just specifies whether it is allowed to run through program access and defaults, which is not an available option in server 2008 under the add/remove control panel applet (there might be a way to enable those options), so I found the registry entry for that instead. the winsxs files and folders installed ok after i took ownership of them, althought the registry entry regarding "LocalService" and "LocalServiceNoNetwork" needs to have entries modified in the registry by hand, otherwise you end up overwriting other entries listed in that key. I tried to automate the ownership of files in my batch file using takeown and icacls, but it would not work without me doing so manually through the explorer menus. The policy reg entries I found so far are:For per-user settings available in the User Configuration tab: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsMediaCenter] MediaCenter For per-machine settings available in the Computer Configuration tab: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsMediaCenter] MediaCenter Both should have a setting of 0 (a setting of 1 disables media center) The other registry entry I found that causes the error is this one: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Media\Windows Media Center\InstallInfo] IconsVisible If the IconsVisible value is set to 0, then Windows Media Center will not run. If there are other entries, I have not found the, yet. There were a few entries that I had to remove from your reg file so that it would import successfully, I isolated the entries down to the ones that would cause it to fail, I can post them here if necessary. Has anyone looked into the setup inf's from a vista install? Perhaps they can provide some insight as well.
  6. BlueTooth and Server 2008

    You may want to try the new widcomm stack its up to version 6.01 with compatibility with vista, so it might work better for server 2008 than the widcomm 5 stack. The link is at the bottom of this thread: http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=437944 for some reason it wouldn't post right here.
  7. Media Center on Server 2008

    I went ahead and collected all of the dependencies from a vista ultimate install, through the use of a batch file, however it is a pain to move some files to the server 2008 installation specifically the winsxs folder and any sybfolders, I had to take ownership of the folder as administrator (normally the only user with full control is "TrustedInstaller". All of the other files copy without issue. Hopefully someone can work out the files and the registry entries to get a fully functional MCE in server 08. If anyone wants the batch files to grab the files easily i can attach them here. Edit: I have managed to import the registry entries as well, the issue now seems to be the error I am recieving upon launch: "Windows cannot open this program because it has been prevented by a software restriction policy. For more information contact your system administrator." Normally this is either a group policy setting, or setting the program access and computer defaults settings in the control panel. However i have checked these settings and they are not what is preventing the program from lauching.
  8. ASPI on win2k3

    i have a couple of programs asking for aspi, suc as intervideo dvdcopy that i want to use in win2k3 thats why, for nero it isnt a problem and i have long since abandoned audiocatalyst to extract in favor of windows media player and cyberelinks mp3 encoding pack...
  9. ASPI on win2k3

    yes i have done all of thosde things, none of them have worked, and like i said i also tried doing it myself by manually expanding the wnaspi.dll and aspi32.sys files and then registering them, but that didnt work either, i think that i am going to try a third party aspi layer, or a package like forceaspi that forces it to install.
  10. ASPI on win2k3

    well i tried that but it still wouldnt install, i also manually expanding the files and putting them there and registering them, but no dice, its p***ing me off though.
  11. ASPI on win2k3

    Has anyone here gotten ASPI to install on server 2003, ive tried a bunch of the adaptec aspi packages and have yet to get one to install, i get a strange error then it exits. I haven't tried any 3rd party aspi drivers or anything like forceaspi yet, but i do need the ASPI layer and this is annoying.