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  1. All right now with the new pm28 build : ENU -> FR ok ! Thank you a lot +++
  2. Idem with the last "fr.xpi" + [general.useragent.locale -> fr] Sorry...
  3. Happy New Year everybody, from Brittany (France). Thank you a lot, roytam1, for all your awesome +++ job !
  4. Just installed the heinoganda's modded "WindowsXP-KB4134651-v2-x86-FRA_oleaut32dll.exe" Installation OK, and everything is well. No bug with [Shortcuts - Properties - Find location] WU is sleeping... Thank you again for your help, heinoganda, and congratulations +++ !
  5. Hello, I'm an old MSFN lurker: thanks a lot to your excellent contributors (special mention to heinoganda, dencorso, Bersaglio), who helped me to keep my old but "embedded" XP on the road... I just signed in, because it's right, and because a little problem comes today. 1) Concerning KB4074852 (February), I simply used wxchari's tip, replacing the oleaut32.dll file of KB4074852 (v.5.1.2600.7424, 534KB) by its old cousin (v.5.1.2600.7248 550KB), OK. 2) Of course, same problem after KB4134651 (May). But that time this oleaut32 "7248" had to be a bit modified (using Resource Hacker, and writing "5.1.2600.7475" as "FileVersion" and "ProductVersion" values). OK again. 3) Yesterday, after KB4134651-v2, same recipe, writing "5.1.2600.7494" instead of "5.1.2600.7248" of that good old oleaut32 (550ko) replacing the true v.5.1.2600.7494 (534ko). My PC runs OK, ... but this morning MS offers 4 updates: KB2802968 (11/2/2013 ?), KB3196718 (applied here on 09/11/2016), and again KB2804651 + its v2 version.- Well, it doesn't like my false oleaut32.dll Maybe it will be wise to uninstall KB2804651-v2 first, and to run the heinoganda's modified version ? Thanks again. ---------- Edit: Well, uninstalled KB4134651-v2 Now, WU offers only that update, KB4134651-v2 .- The three others vanished ;-) "Oleaut.dll" is v.5.1.7475 (550ko); but it's my false 7475, the 7248 I modified in May.- Apparently, no bug; XP seems OK.
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