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  1. During the update to the latest version I briefly spotted an Ï or an ë character that was displayed wrongly.
    This may be caused by incorrect ANSI coding of the translation file I provided.
    Here is the updated nl-NL.txt in UTF-8 coding, which should prevent the issue.


  2. 7 hours ago, deathyyz2112 said:

    I like the original bluetooth icon, that's why, but if that is not a problem to you then I guess there 's no chance to change it

    I hadn't realised that it could have been related to StartIsBack/StartAllBack, but on my W10 PC (w. StartIsBack) there is this systray icon that I cannot see because of its thin white contour (against my light grey background). Hovering the mouse pointer over it, it turns out it's the bluetooth devices. On my W11 laptop  (w. StartAllBack) the bluetooth devices icon is black and quite easy to see.

    Is StartIsBack/StartAllBack indeed changing the systray icon of Bluetooth Devices or is this coming from a different source?

  3. 18 hours ago, Tihiy said:

    It was added in 3.2.2

    And it did not show for me. To be specific: on tab Taskbar, the option Taskbar location on screen was still in English.
    Probably my bad, as I forgot to update line #2 to reflect the status of the translations file.

    Here's another update, just to be sure.


  4. Update for the Dutch language version 2.9++.

    - Old grammar errors

    - Refinements to make texts fit available space

    - Update to version 2.9++

    - Attachement updated 11/1/2020 12:08 CET

    Cheers, Stephan



  5. Quote

    You'll receive StartIsBack license for free. That is true if you provide a better / fuller translation than StartIsBack contains.

    @Tihiy If I'm not incorrect, I think I'm entitled to complimentary StartIsBack License. Do you care to reply to my early June email?

  6. Hi, 

    From the webpage I get the impression that a license bought is related to an e-mail address.

    What if I want to purchase a family license for myself, a 2 PC-license for my father-in-law and a family license for my father?
    The latter two don't have Paypal accounts, so I will be doing their purchases for them.
    Now all licenses bought will probably be coupled to my e-mail address.

    Will that be a problem at some point in time?

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