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  1. Strange, I never got an email notification for this one...but got two for the following two by @heinoganda.... Well you're kinda hypocritical if you don't do it yourself consistently........ That's like saying, I don't like using the internet at all to check my bank balance and always go into a branch in person. Then one day you check your balance on the internet.....and naturally shows $0 because they hacked your account and all your money is siphoned out.......because you decided to log into your banking system that one time....... I've only heard the free version is not good for privacy stuff, but if you're just using it to play games and nothing else then I guess that's good enough......but if youre doing some personal work or company work or whatever that has sensitive data that you do NOT want leaked in any way shape or form, then yeah....I guess windows 7.....or maybe even windows xp! Oh wait, go older beccause malware writers suspect that no one will still be using a windows 95 computer so you should be safe on the web.......most sites would be broken though as they won't display correctly on IE 5.5.....and I think the last firefox version that supports windows 95 is 3.6........and even that still have sites broken with that browser............so ehh.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Ah that's a pretty good analogy! I've played quite a bit of video games to know armored vehicles can be jacked easily and money stolen....and if that's true then it is true in real life too....including being able to break the encryption transportation.... Yes the other method is slightly better because even the armored vehicle is jacked (in the case of two layers of encryption), then they would probably look at the item thinking it's just a worthless rock (and won't have any current worth to them) and that they wasted time jacking the armored vehicle... BUT if you're someone like me who's a hoarder(or looter in this case and loot everything and anything even if they are currently worthless - that's usually my playstyle when I play games that have loot has a loot system.....I literally clean up an area before I move on, and if I can't carry it all I'll come back to it until they are all gone...the annoying part is if the level resets including all loot chests or storage containers....because then it's impossible to clean up the area...), they might even keep it anyways on the off chance it'd be *useful* in future.... So in the end you could still lose.... #2 shure? .....well I did continue with this: Because originally, they won't notice UNLESS they do actually monitor files you upload and check them manually as they get passed onto their file servers....in which case they must have got a lot of man power and time to do that..... I take it that you've had experience with this? Uploading something MEGA didn't like and got banned for it before you even had the chance to share the URL?
  3. OH....But mega's safe encryption would be equivalent wouldn't it? Or am I misunderstanding...? Because I read somewhere that they cannot decrypt any of the files you send over to the their storage servers to sharing or archival purposes even if they wanted to.....so that means you could upload and share pirated content and they won't know.....until they get bugged by a take down notice from an authority who finds out later......or something....but then I guess they would have to download from the url(that is presumable given by the authority figure that is wanting to take the pirated content down with) to verify the content you're sharing is indeed pirated or not and then take it down.....and then maybe warn you or even ban you from it.....maybe....
  4. ...so we should all encrypt everything we throw up on the cloud just to be sure even they broke through they would need to decrypt the files to read them? And on top of that use a cloud service like mega that has end to end encryption on top of that?
  5. So I guess then MEGA would be the only file sharing site and webpage to use since they have end to end encryption on all their file transfers?
  6. Is this the same way to get these as this other guy whose attempted a different method to get the same files or are the files different to the ones you get via this method?
  7. Oh wait hang, so the only thing that it downgrades is windows media player (WMP) 10 to 9? So that means I *could* slipstream it but then replace the WMP9 setup file with either WMP10 or delete it altogether (so it can't *downgrade* WMP) or have it install WMP10 as an addon manually....? I'm guessing all these ISO files I've seen by googling have done this...?
  8. ...what if you installed SP3 separately since you can't slipstream nor does msdn supply one with SP3 pre-integrated...?
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