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  1. Learn how to read and write and we can discuss the matter.
  2. I posted earlier multiple times erroneously. The posts were NOT spam. As this topic shows, the subject of my post is contemporary. The issue remains. After the Win10Pro update, titlebars became completely transparent. I updated to the most recent version of AeroGlass to no effect, as I stated in the other topic. I get the "Incompatibility" error every time I boot. Was I supposed to remove the previous version first?(rhetorical question).
  3. UCyborg: They shouldn't keep popping up if you don't close them. Duh? UCyborg: ...not spying on us. Paranoid are we? My inference was that a debug version was released to collect data on potential issues. If not, what's the point in releasing a debug version. I assume all the opoups are part of the debug nature of the release. There is one opoup that remains open continuously. The others stay closed when I close them. If the 'experimental' version of the dll isn't to collect data, I don't see the point of releasing a dysfunctional dll, which is what the debug feature does to an otherwise functional program. Until such time as the owner addresses the issue, if ever the issue is addressed, this is speculative.
  4. I downloaded and used the 'experimental' dll. Two things became obvious. 1. There would always be a CMD 'DOS box' window open, though minimized. 2. There would be occasional cmd "DOS box" popup windows that needed to be closed. I assume data was being collected and forwarded to the owner. I hope that helps. The frequent popup screens are the reason I reverted to the non-functional release. Other than that, I would have kept using the experimental dll.

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