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  1. Ditto, here. Might even test the IE9 add-on that makes it less suck-tastic. Avoided it on my desktop, lasted 45 mins on my laptop, ugh what a horrific interface. Dear M-soft, if I wanted Chrome, I'd download it...WTH are you guys doing?
  2. I've seen this where there is a problem with the HD, especially one in raid (onboard and dedicated controller) One drive in my raid on a Hpoint 2300 was sector erroring like mad...and the controller was barely keeping up. Just a thought. (BTW, *SAME* behavior under xp32/64 and win764.
  3. I've got a 2900 which I've been trying to install 2003x64 on, and not having much luck. Either got "no drives found" or "percsas.sys is corrupt" and did not seem to matter if I let nlite do the deed, or modded by hand or even a little bit of both. Oh, joy, just got a new one "syntax error in the .sif file that setup uses...shut down or restart your computer". <sigh> Getting closer, at least and was going to try the Raid Slipstreamer but it only has/does 32bit drivers, IIRC from the thread. Tried everything I've gleaned from search results, and no joy as of yet.
  4. Redid my box a few months back and the instructions by mr V worked as advertised. Made it into my pc rebuild directory.
  5. Can't wait to get home and try this. I have to ask: anyone noticed a difference in the decoder/installer for different versions of the ati cards? For example: I've got an 9800pro and X800pro and both CD's labelled to avoid confusion, but when I install the decoder *ONLY* the 9800 disk will work for either card. Odd, but frustrating. But if t_v's meathod is as sound as it sounds, all will be bliss.

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