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  1. This is what I get on version 2.5.1. Search works just fine (N.B. - file names removed from image).
  2. Does anyone know how I can get the 'Search programs and files' box to use an italic font? I recently tried a Windowblinds skin, and while it made an absolute mess of the start menu (as expected; Windowblinds is not compatible with StartisBack) it did set the font to italic. From this I took it that there was (or, at least, could be) a registry setting that I could toggle. Many thanks in advance!
  3. Try generating a new key, especially if you changed the OS or your hardware. The key is machine-specific.
  4. Thank you for the new update! Earlier today I was experimenting with ways to get a reflectionmap on the Startisback taskbar, and found a solution that worked quite well: I opened a transparent reflectionmap that someone posted at another forum with Image Eye (a borderless image viewer that supports transparency), and then positioned it underneath the Windows taskbar. I've added a screenshot of the effect below. I was wondering if such a solution could be integrated into Startisback. I hope you don't mind me asking! :-)
  5. Windows 10 with StartisBack, Aero Glass, Win 7 icons, a few modded dll files, Winaero's Classic Sticky Notes and the Aero Compact skin for Winamp.
  6. That's odd - I don't get any crashes at all. The only thing that happens in my case is that if I 'shake' a window the other windows minimize (the normal behaviour). I'm using Win10 Pro, 64-bit, version 1703, build 15063.540.
  7. First of all, thank you for the recent updates! The new jumplists look great on my aerofied Win10 setup. :-) I also have a question: would it be possible to italicise 'Search programs and files', like it was in Windows 7? Many thanks in advance!
  8. EDIT - I just discovered that the real problem was a hard border between the titlebar and the frame. I've enabled coloured titlebars, and everything look fine now. Mods - feel free to delete this thread. Thanks. I am using the current, experimental build of AeroGlass for Windows 10 on top of SagorPD's Aero theme. I've also applied xemnes' Win7 Theme Atlas (http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170233-aero-glass-themeatlas/?page=37) The application has downloaded the symbols required, and the titlebars are transparent - as intended. As you can see in the pics below, though, the frames on the left, right, and at the bottom do not become transparent. I have tried using WIN7TBAR's skin instead, but this has the same result - the frames remain completely opaque. Changing the theme atlas doesn't seem to result in transparent frames, either. Does anyone know what might be going on? Is there a setting I should change, for instance?

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