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  1. Those are INF files..... not reg files. That is the start of your problem I think.
  2. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Any word on a release candidate yet???
  3. 98 SE SP 3.32

    does sp2.1a include the MSI support update??
  4. I install IE6sp1, critical updates for it, Directx9, Windows Mediaplayer 9, and then the service pack. I leave it at that. It seems extremely stable.
  5. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Wrong. Win ME CD contains about 7000 files but just 139 files are updated. Petr Then how come the used hd space more than doubles after installing Ie6, directx9, mp9 and then installing all critical updates directly from windows update?? It goes from something like 600mb to over 1.2 gig. I know this because I made a ghost image of a virgin install then installed the above programs and continued going back to windows update and installing critical updates until it said there were no more and the resulting used hd space and post update ghost image was over 1.2 gig(no.. that didn't include the original image). It requires about 8 trips to windows update with reboots in between to get them all.
  6. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Hrm... WinME basically is a buggy patch for Win98SE. 98SE2ME enables you to use updated system files from WinME, with the added stability that the Win98SE kernel offers. Essentially, through all my testing, 98SE2ME is a LOT more stable than WinME itself. Actually, I wonder if it would be possible to take this service pack and dump its contents onto the WinME CD, then use it as the source for 98SE2ME, so you get all the latest updates for WinME included with Win98SE. (You'd probably have to manually do all the killer replacements, as I believe MDGx's scripts are all CAB-File based, and aren't looking for individual files on the CD) I posted that question to MGDX one time and didn't get an answer. 98se2me seems to include some of the updated ME files .... but then pulls lots of files off the ME cd. I know that just about every file on the CD has been replaced in one of the official ME updates with a newer "bug fixed" version so I asked MGDX is 98se2me was only pulling files from the ME cd that had not been replaced with a newer version. I got no answer. What concerns me about this WINMEsp2 project is they seem to be trying to integrate files that are not part of the official ms updates into the initial release. It seems like the logical thing to do, and what I would like to see done, is to just put together a "SP2" that just takes all the files that you would get from going the "windows update" route with it's 6-8 download, install, reboot, and repeat process and install them all in one shot. Then once that is working properly, add the "unofficial" fixes and files from later oses and updates and patches and adding those as an "option 2" . It just seems to me that they are trying to cram too much into the initial release. Get the official updates working flawlessly first. Then work on adding other updates.
  7. Service Pack for Windows ME

    we're getting there. INFEX.EXE will need to be modified to no longer show the Beta Testing Only dialog box in the RC & final releases. Any idea when we might see that first RC ?? I'm really looking forward to this.
  8. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Sounds like this project is almost done. Any chance of a release candidate soon ???
  9. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Any chance of a new release with cdfs.vxd and hh.exe fixed?? It appears that this project is getting close to completion
  10. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Any word on a new release??
  11. MDGx - Can you confirm that 98se2me only pulls files from the winme cd that have not been replaced by newer versions in windows me updates?? The reason I ask is that virtually every file on the ME cd has been replaced by a newer "bug fixed" version by MS at some point in one of the WINme updates. I read thru the entire thread but didn't see a definitive answer and just thought that I would ask as I wouldn't want to use any files off the winme cd unless absolutely necessary. If your 98se2me includes the updated versions of all the ME files and just pulls "non updated" files from the cd, I am ready to install.
  12. Service Pack for Windows ME

    Are you guys still working on this?? This will be a huge time saver when its done, since updating via windows update requires hours of downloading, installing, and rebooting over and over again, even with a DSL connection.