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  1. A technician came out from the ISP earlier today. He told me that after running some tests, the company found out that interference was being created by one of the other houses in the neighborhood, and that the interference was affecting the entire node for everyone else. They are working to track down the source and correct it. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it! Glad to finally know what the issue was.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, but it is not available in my area. If it was available, I would have swapped over long ago.
  3. I am not familiar with the various shielding projects out there. Is there anything that would make for easy DIY shielding (just in case the ISP won't help me with it?
  4. Thank you for your input. I contacted them, and they are sending out a second technician tomorrow.
  5. Hello everybody! So, I have a question I am looking for an answer for, and since networking is not my area of expertise in tech, this may seem stupid to others more experienced in networking. Any insight you could provide would be appreciated. A little background: Recently, I have been experiencing RF noise pollution on my internet connection, which isn't noticeable for normal home use, but is noticeable when I am live streaming to my YouTube channel. It causes occasional patches of unstable connections, usually lasting 20-30 seconds, in which I drop a good chunk of frames. I had a technician from my ISP come out to my house, and he suggested that the issue may come from the fact that my coaxial cable was going around my A/C unit, before entering the house. That the A/C could possibly be emitting a RF frequency that occasionally went over the floor and caused interference. To remedy the situation, he drilled a new hole into the house, so that the cable entered more directly instead of wrapping around the A/C, which also shorted the length of cable needed, which was another benefit. After he left, I live streamed again. While the frame dropping was still present, it was noticeably reduced. Not to the point where it was acceptable, but still an improvement. I don't know if directing it away from the A/C unit was what did it, but that seemed to help. So, I've been looking for an effective solution at how to minimize this interference further. After doing a little bit of research online, I found out that discovering the source of excessive ingress and noise pollution is not only difficult, but also usually impractical to get rid of. My next idea was to see if I could somehow shield the cables better to make them more protected from this interference. After doing a little research over data cables, I found out more info about different kinds of cables, including coaxial and triaxial. From what I could see, triaxial cable is more shielded and insulated, allowing for a greater resistance to EMI and RF noise pollution. However, it is more expensive as well. What I am curious is, if I was to replace the cables with triaxial instead of using coaxial, would that potentially fix my issue? And if so, where can I buy triaxial cables, can they be hooked up from the cable box to the modem directly, or do I need some sort of adapter/splitter? Additionally, what sort of tools would I be need to do this, as I happen to know my ISP does not uspprot, nor are they trained in the use of triaxial cables? If anyone has any suggestions, over how to go about something like this, or to point me in a different direction entirely, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much! It worked! It's funny, I thought I was using the official driver. Go figure. There is another issue though. While there is an internet connection, it is extremely slow. For example, if you try to visits a website, internet explorer will start, attempt to load, then crash. The same thing happens with updates. I checked the internet connection speed in "Internet Connections, and it showed it being 1.0 GBps. What can I do to make the speed normal? What other crucial drivers does it depend on?
  7. Hello, I am currently attempting to create a dual-OS system on my gaming PC with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit. I already have the dual boot setup between both OS and am working on finding drivers for the Windows XP side. The only drivers I currently have are the one for the SATA ACHI connection and the network adapter. The network adapter is a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, hardware ID: PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_E0001458&REV_0C. I found a Windows XP supported driver for it and installed it on my system. After rebooting the computer, it installs correctly, and the network icon showed up in the bottom right-hand corner of the task bar. However, when I plugged in the ethernet cord, nothing happened. I tried using a different cord and modem port, still nothing. It does work properly on the Windows 10 side however. Does anyone might know what might be the cause of this? Here are my system specs if it helps: Gigabyte - GA-H110M-A Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard | Intel - Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor |Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1060 3GB 3GB Windforce OC Video Card | 16 GB DDR4 RAM Also, as a side note, I would appreciate it if any of you could tell me where I can find drivers for my system for Windows XP. They're a bit hard to dig up, what with little official support for it. If you need hardware ID, I can give it to you. Thanks so much for all your help!

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