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  1. It is argueable that Windows 8 and 10 is more backward than forward.
  2. I just checked. Opera 36 was the last version of Opera that supported Windows XP. What I don't get is why software is dropping support for Windows XP, yet Windows XP has more users than Windows 8.1 (I'll try to find the specific chart, I believe that Windows XP had 8% of usage and Windows 8.1 had 6% of usage). If they drop support for Windows XP, shouldn't they drop it for 8.1 too?
  3. I agree, bookie32. No one should use Windows 10, use Windows 7 x64 and if you like modern "metro" things then use Windows 8.1.
  4. Since Windows XP's end of support, and espicially in 2016 I have noticed that people often say that they have trouble loading web pages and have problems browsing and compatibility issues. As a result of this, I have compiled a list of browsers that work fine on Windows XP, and other info. Internet Explorer If you are using Internet Explorer 6/7 get Internet Explorer 8. While it can only load marginally more web pages than IE 6/7 can, it's a lot more stable and faster than both IE 6/7. I'd say you can load 50-60% of web pages with IE 8. Firefox The last version that supports Windows XP and Vista was released like, 3 weeks ago, so browsing with Firefox you can load basically everything. You would probably be able to do this until around late 2018, and I reccomend using Firefox on WinXP for this very reason. Chrome I think the latest version that supports Windows XP was released some time ago- Around a year i'd guess, so loading web pages won't be too hard. I'd guess around 85-95% of web pages load with Chrome, so Chrome isn't a bad option but certainly isn't the best. Netscape Navigator The latest version (That isn't AOL crap) was released in 1998, so it will almost certainly work but good luck loading any web pages at all. Opera Latest version supports Windows XP, but I have used Opera in the past (With Windows ME) and it was a bit of pig (no irony intended) to use. Uncommon/Obscure browsers AOL Explorer Rather bad browser discontinued in like 2006 but it's latest version does indeed support Windows XP. I'd say around 75-85% of webpages load in AOL. Avant From a quick bit of research, Avant does still support Windows XP. All webpages load in Avant. My second choice after Firefox. Safari for Windows No clue. Vivaldi Earlier than version 1.0 works for XP. Not sure how much browsing you could get down with it Chromium Same situation as Chrome. Midori That's for Linux -_.- SeaMonkey As of now, version 2.46 supports Windows XP, however version 2.49 will be the last version to support Windows XP. Probably my third choice after Avant. Qupzilla 2.0.1 It's latest version does still work with XP, despite not officially having compatibility. Waterfox 64-bit web browser for XP, however it hasn't worked on XP for quite some time. QtWeb A lightweight browser which supports Windows XP as of April 2017. Hope I helped! P.S. If I got something wrong, do tell me.
  5. Which OS's are you dual booting?

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