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  1. yes its still beta, and yeah this will be something they need to work on http://www.windowsonecare.com/purchase/Default.aspx
  2. well onecare worked fine, i was never interested in using it permanently though. i just wanted to check it out and i searched and it seems near impossible to remove correctly. i even attempted to reinstall onecare but i got an error when trying to do so.
  3. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>sfc /scannow Windows File Protection could not initiate a scan of protected system files. The specific error code is 0x000006ba [The RPC server is unavailable. ]. i disabled windows file protection from nlite when i did my unattended install disk
  4. i searched and searched but couldnt find a way to properly remove it. so i just stop and disabled the services, removed registry keys, and then deleted all the files from it i could find. this was a big mistake. it seems the firewall took over, and now things such as my ftp server no longer work. the standard windows xp sp2 firewall is now greyed out with the screen that has options to turn it on or off. the advanced settings seem correct though, the programs i want to bypass the firewall are in the exceptions list but they just dont work. does anyone have any clue on how i could take control over my system without reinstalling windows? sorry forgot the tag is [Help] and seems i cant modify the topic title when editing
  5. okay a few months ago i got into the whole unsattended windows isntall disk with custom software and everything. i integrated all the hotfixes but now i want to update it again and i don tknow which hotfixes i last installed. is there any kind of app that can scan the setup files and determine which hotfixes it has?
  6. is there any application that will check for what updates you need or what updates you have? im looking for an easier way then to just install and check with windows update. im a xp pro that already had sp2 integrated (not if any following hotfixes) but i just tried using ryanvm's update pack and afterwards the installation always hangs before the "installing devices" comes up when windows says "installation will complete in approximately 39 minutes" so im guessing maybe an already placed hotfix is conflicting somewhere so i guess ill just integrate the updates with nlite individually.
  7. i dont do any encoding but the k-lite mega codec pack works great. very rarely though, qt files will display green instead of the video and a simple restart of media player classic will get them working again.
  8. thanks but if you scroll down on that site you will see Download url http://frodo.dae-bu.com/files/diskeeper9pro.rar which is the one that isnt working
  9. does anyone know where i can find the diskeeper plugin for bartpe? the link from the plugin's sections of the site ( http://frodo.dae-bu.com/files/diskeeper9pro.rar ) doesnt work anymore.
  10. if i modify sysdm.cpl and compress it back to sysdm.cp_ will windows say "cannot copy file" while installing?
  11. i had a similar problem, automatic update were enabled like you have but when i would check the status, they would not be enabled or disabled, neither checked. well in order to set a time for it to check, i searched my registry and luckily found what i was looking for. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update] "AUOptions"=dword:00000004 "ScheduledInstallDay"=dword:00000000 "ScheduledInstallTime"=dword:00000003 you can throw that into your installation somehwere, it sets windows update to check every night at 3am. if you want specific settings, i suggest change them manually then check the registry settings and use whatever results you get.
  12. ok i wanted to have it done without copying all the main files to the hd. anyway thanks, yeah ill just do it this way, not really much of a prob.
  13. i dont understand what you are wanting me to do. how do i integrate the file into the iso without it being in the source folder?
  14. ok ive used a autorun program to launch a small program that will create a standalone iso of the installs in my setup. the only problem i have is that after choosing which os to setup, my autoboot dvd directly boots that os. i removed the fixboot.bin (i think that was the name) so the "press any key to boot blah blah" doesnt come up yet again. what im wondering is that with cdimage.exe can i specify it to include in the iso more then one directory? i want to store the fixboot.bin file somewhere outside of the installation folders so that i am not prompted to "press any key" when i normally use it. the reason i need this done is because some of the versions of the os i did are unattended installs, when they reboot, if the cd drive is set to be checked first, it will just boot the cd again instead of continuing with my setup. any suggestions are welcome
  15. hrm thanks that worked, now ill just do a little modifying :)
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