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  1. change the language of what? how?
  2. Is there a way to use an MUI'd Windows 10 install for an upgrade install of different languages? When I start the install from the root of the Multi-language media on a windows in a different language than the original I get a message that the upgrade isn't possible because the language is different. On Windows 7 this is not a problem. When I start setup.exe from the root of the media I get a chance to select the language and everything runs fine. On Windows 10 I have to start setup from the "sources" folder for the language selection screen to appear, but then when I select "Upgrade" setup tells me to start from the root of the media.
  3. Try installing one driver at a time, rebooting each time to try and isolate the rogue driver/software. Also, run Memtest86+ to see if maybe the new RAM is faulty.
  4. You can also try disabling DEP in the BIOS. It's called different names by board manufacturers, but usually it's there.
  5. I have vista ultimate x64 installed with a secondary hard drive attached, both HDs are Seagate ST3250410AS connected to an AHCI controller (GA-P35-DS4 motherboard) with Intel AHCI driver ( installed. The power scheme options are set to turn off hard drive after 20 minutes. Every time the secondary hard drive powers on (when accessed, or something) the system freezes until it's finished the process. Is there a way other than disabling HD power scheme to stop this behavior?
  6. If you have Daemon Tools installed, or it used to be installed, try removing it or reinstalling. I had a similar problem with a corrupt DT installation.
  7. Could be a hardware problem (bad sectors) or just a logical problem (with the file system). try running "chkdsk /r" from the recovery console.
  8. Manufacturer: LG Electronics Model: K1-323EE 4C472045 6C656374 726F6E69 6373 whom do I send the OEMBIOS.* files to? (and how?)
  9. What would happen if I try using the OEMBIOS files on a computer from another manufacturer? How do the files "know" if the computer is from this manufacturer or that? At what stage of the setup (or post-setup) proccess does the wpa check occur? Can I swap the OEMBIOS files after the system has booted for the first time?
  10. Before you reinstall, try looking here: http://www.symantec.com/home_homeoffice/se...-050614-0532-99 And here: http://www.eset.com/download/free-virus-remover.php (choose "FixEXE Utility")
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