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  1. So I accidentally run a supposedly Japanese version of the installer for an old version of ActiveSync, and now when I want to save an image on MSPAINT, I get a long underscore on the title bar of the save and open dialogs instead of "Save as..." or "Open". Is there a way to fix it to how it was before? See attachment for reference.
  2. If you look at the following screenshot: Notice how there are C drive contents like the WINDOWS dir, Prog. Files dir. etc. Same goes here in the Docs dir. (C Drive appears identical to the following image): Please excuse for the incorrect labeling I did in MSPaint ("Desktop" was supposed to read "C Drive" instead). Can there be a way I can hide them completely like it was back in the stock XP install? (I tried the trick that hid the XP Sidebar on the Desktop but did nothing)?
  3. After like 3min of connecting from my other Windows system to my XP MCE machine via RDP, it BSODs with error codes c0000005 (0x77cd252b 0x0052f36c) and states that the Windows Subsystem Process (smss.exe) was closed unexpectedly. Does anyone know what's causing this and how do I prevent this from happening again? It used to run via RDP flawlessly until now...

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