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  1. Thanks for the help! When I open Plain10.msstyles in Windows Style Builder I navigate to Unknown, right? But which values belong to the scrollbar? I'm kind of confused. Edit: Oh I think I get it. Since the scrollbar is not defined by your msstyles file but the whole theme package I'd probably have to change Windows 10.msstyles. Okay so I have to live with that scrollbar or otherwise it'll be dark everywhere not only in the Start Menu. Isn't there a way to make it apply only to the Start Menu?
  2. Hello! I just wanted to ask if you plan to replace the new Start Menu's grey scrollbar? I'm using StartIsBack for quite a while now but I can't get used to that scrollbar. It just doesn't fit with the rest of the design in my opinion. Or is there perhaps some way to customize the Start Menu yourself? Nevertheless I want to thank you for StartIsBack! I really love that program and it helps me so much. Keep it up! Thanks in advance! Edit: Here are some images I made with Photoshop to show you how I'd like to customize my Start Menu. As you can see in the pictures I'd also have to remove the search bar. Is that possible?

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