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  1. dang. :( Already was there in earlier versions too? Hmm. Cant possibly find what sort of thing stopped the ability to have more than 1 to choose from ?

    And yea actually the 1.2.1 is the one i've had on my computer for many years ever since, until i discovered your thread/github page. And yea i could select the r4600 from the list on there, so the audio works just fine.

    I wanted to check out your version to see if i could get a few extra FPS, which i do seem to... i think

    I dont have a very good computer in terms of specs - Dell Latitude D620 - Core 2 Duo T7600 2.3 GHZ which is the highest this laptop can support. Integrated Intel Graphics -- i get about 45 to 57-ish depending on where/what on screen and so on. I might be considering a slightly better laptop sometime in the near future (still windows xp only, but a 2nd gen Core i)

    anyway here's my shot of the 1.2.1 which i've been using for years.


  2. Hi there, im mostly more interested in game emulation, than am i with PC gaming in general. like nes/snes/gb/ds/Ps2/wii etc etc I apoligizing for bumping a thread 1 year later, but i just now decided to try out your custom version, and it works great except for 1 small issue that's been present since older versions, only until it was "finally" fixed in some update for 1.7.0 i think.

    It's about the game Megaman X7. The audio seems to always run like 3x faster than normal, and i've confirmed searching all over google and other forums people on other PC platforms experiencing too, and the only solution is to use an older version of the audio plugin from 0.9.x


    It works fine on spu2-x-r4600.dll - dated April 2011 - but not any others past that. I have a r5875 dll where the audio problem exists. And it also happens on your 2.0 version. So..

    I tried to copy that r4600 file to the plugins folder but your custom 1.5.0 wont add it to the list or recognize it i guess - so then i made a backup of the current file that was there, and renamed the r4600 file to "Spu2-X.dll" just like yours was named...but the emulator throws an error that it cant detect it or not supported or something. :( If that makes sense.

    Did you remove the ability to have more than 1 plugin type avaiable to choose from on the list ? For the audio dropdown. if it's possible for me to add that older plugin to the list somehow. I dont know why it's only "forced" to use the 2.0.0 dll

  3. 3 hours ago, Mr.Scienceman2000 said:

    setup page specific override (general.useragent.override.discord.com) with following: Mozilla/5.0 (Android 7.0; Mobile; rv:54.0) Gecko/54.0 Firefox/54.0

    damn, it didnt help at all. :( I tried both the site specific method you said, and the whole global one - tried reloading page, close/open firefox completely again after setting the user agent, but nothing. - The only thing i noticed was some of the buttons at the top of the page disppeared (online users, search box, pins) and so on, but nothing else appeared different or changed.

    It still lags and flickers, 100% cpu, etc - just as bad as before. :(

    I'm very lucky i dont have to deal with the horrible slowdown with youtube on other hand since they have an actual real mobile version of the site "m.youtube.com" which i use that now permenately since the old layout addons were all killed, so everything loads there instantly.... wish discord had it's own dedicated "mobile" or "m" domain.

  4. 16 hours ago, Mr.Scienceman2000 said:

    have you tried force old firefox mobile user agent? That helped on me

    discord desktop app uses electron and web client just uses too much js. Electron is basically Chromium wrapper to webpage to ship it as app that soydevs really loves to use instead of making native well optimised low ram consuming client.

    Can you tell me exactly what user agent to copy-paste ?? i'll try it.

    And ah i see.. yea figures it'd be something like so much javascript. I once searched on google for hours and hours trying to find out about this, until i finally heard of "electron" and i once saw someone post information about like apparently firefox is making hundreds or thousands of "calls" nonstop to some specific fonts folder or files ...or a directory or something...but it was someone using "ubutunu" ...not windows or mac...so it did not help me at all to try finding where this stuff was to get rid of it or do something to make it stop. I dont know.

    I use this a spoofed "firefox 90 on windows 10" user agent on this firefox 52.9.1 (last for XP) so i can use the Slack website, cause i need it to talk to my friends for a game project. And that works fine, no lag or slowdown or anything... but just discord though.

    But yea tell me what this mobile one is you use. so i can try it on "general.useragent.override"

  5. It still works for me in regular firefox 52.9.1 ...but with that extremely horrible lagging crap i mentioned before. :( I only can look at discord maybe once a day or less cause it's way too much of a god dang freaking pain to deal with. takes like 20 seconds to "click" on anything - channel name, private message, just typing a few letters at a time.

    I heard it's cause of this stupid "electron" thing or something discord uses, that firefox just struggles like a "snail" with. :(

  6. I personally myself just only use "m.youtube.com" now since those damn firefox add-ons no longer work anymore.

    I dont really remember how i got here but, i think the first time i went to mobile there was a link that would let me switch to this "m/mobile" site. and now it's always permenate with firefox. It's not the "greatest" solution. but it sure is a hell of a lot faster than the plain regular stupid youtube.

    There are a few in-convieneces with it though which kind of sucks, but not too bad. Like i cant ever click "read more" on comments in videos, cause it always opens a small box with a bunch of options "reply, like, comment" - so it's impossible to view more than literally 5 or 6 words. So then i just take a few seconds to copy-paste a video link here:


    that lets me view all the full comments automatically at the very least. And when searching for videos, i cant sort them by "most recent videos" - i dont like the "uploaded today/yesterday/this week" cause that's NOT what i want. :( Also i cant ever seem to "right click" on anything whatsoever no matter where on the site, to get a standard firefox popup like to open things in a new tab. it'll always automatically load whatever that page is.

    But other than that, it's pretty fine. pages load instantly, doesnt slow down firefox or anything bad.

  7. I remember that happening to me in the past before, about the stupid .NET runtime stuff, sometimes i'd have 100% CPU constantly from "something" and the hard drive "grinding" like crazy nonstop ...and it was most certainly this ".net optimize" thing causing the hard drive to never stop.... just disabling those .net things in the services stuff stopped it for good, never been a problem ever since.

    This was many many years ago though. And yea i always look at process explorer much more often than plain regular windows task manager. you can simply "hover your mouse" over all those svchosts.exe's and it'll show you exactly which services are running under each one. one of those will be the stupid .net stuff.

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  8. My computer is a laptop also. Dell Latitude D620 - and i was able to replace the hard drive a few years ago with a SSD too. i have the Samsung 850 Evo (just 10 below the one you said) and it's working fine with windows XP.

    I just literally used one of those "clone hard drive" programs when i first bought the SSD. I dont remember what program i used. But i "cloned" the hard drive to the new fresh out of the box 850 Evo, and then after setting up the correct "alignment" thing or something like that, it worked just fine in this laptop. Did not want to go through the headache or re-installing 6 years worth of programs, settings, etc.

    All i know was i had to kinda insert it backwards compared to the hard drive or upside-down or something like that, not sure how to describe it. for it to fit into the slot.

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  9. Oh so its only just related to stuff requiring internet access ? So im not going to get any like "program failed to start" popups or anything like that with IE or anything else ? That was the kind of thing that really was in my mind. the thought of something like programs not working or something. well IE is the only thing i can think of for anything internet related nothing else, i think.

    Well i use MIRC for talking in 1 chat room, and linked to twitch.tv stream chats. And streamlink for watching twitch streams. those aren't microsoft-only programs at least.

    I thought other things were going to break all of a sudden on me like Visual Basic 6 (which i use sometimes for a game level editor of mine) or my gaming emulators (nes/snes/gameboy/etc) ..sorry if that sounds really silly. :| I did not really know.

  10. That certificate thing for me said it's at around 4:25 PM later this afternoon. i only found so far that it was listed directly on internet explorer.exe when right clicking on it then checking the "digitinal signatures" tab

    but i am still worried though because of that one website saying "all major microsoft services and processes" :( 

  11. Hey there. I wanted to ask, if the windows update site is no longer ever able to provide updates from years back, how do we get them now ?? Is it even humanly possible anymore through some other program or site or anything ? "not" including the "update catalog" site that has everything manually you can search for.

    What i mean is for example i get a new PC or hard drive with XP,  or something similiar. How will i be able to know what updates i might or might not be missing up to the final ones in April 2014 ?? :( I wouldnt have a clue what "kb numbers" i dont yet have up to 2014. So i wouldnt be able to just use the "catalogue" site if you know what i mean.

    Is there any way anymore, because of the regular Windows Update not being able to scan and whatnot you guys mentioned ?? I hope this makes sense. I tried my best to explain.

    I've only read a little about this "mini update tool" thing that apparently is the alternative, but i think you guys discussed earlier in this thread, or another one about that not working anymore either. So i dont know. :(

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  12. I finally got it to work. I've been fighting with this for seriously hours on end for the past 3 days straight until i finally got through. I'd always get some type of error like that "non utf8 encoding" one above ... python line errors this and that ... when i finally tried just the "install streamlink" thing, i'd get some error about failed to install iso-639  "import version" and "no module named iso-639"  ...then i manually got the iso 639 from the py website, and put the directories in the python37\lib\site-packages\ folder ...try again, and it actually installed. :)

    But with more errors though about "not on path" or something 

    quote "WARNING: The script streamlink.exe is installed in 'C:\Python37\Scripts' which
     is not on PATH." (and a few other files)

    It took forever, but it actually worked after that. :) Streamlink 1.7.0 + media player opens like normal the way it always did before, the whole twitch changing their API system.


  13. this is really fustrating. :( well that person's folder that i downloaded that i linked to specifically ..well it already has a get-pip.py file ...and the pip.exe is in the "scripts" folder. but i did the python get-pip.py - and it says it's version 19.1.1 - so that's good right ?

    then i tried going to the scripts folder, and do the version test, like that site says in the tutorial ...but it gives this error about no encoding ? All of them say the same thing - pip3, pip3.7, and wheel...i dont know what to do next. :(


  14. Hello again, i was hoping to get a little bit of assistance with installing the latest streamlink 1.7.0, for watching Twitch streams in an exteneral player (in my case, Media Player Classic HC) - First of all, i have an older version one of the developers made for Windows XP back in 2017, which came with a pre-bundled python 3.4.4 found in this topic:


    It's worked just fine for me, no problems up until only a week ago when Twitch changed their API system, causing streamlink to always return a  "404 gone" or not found error from the twitch website itself. And from what I understand, that's not a problem in the current 1.7.0 - i think and they've addressed it for a new update later (using twitch's new setting)

    I researched awhile and found some topics on the XP board here about python 3.5 and 3.7 by "dibya" First i tried the file by Dibya from this thread, but it didnt work as it would crash about "couldnt find encodings" or something.


    Then i tried the downloading the folder someone posted here, and this worked just fine, and i think it has the "pip" already included.


    I emailed the developer beardypig about it, he said it would require at least python 3.6, then install streamlink with "pip" which i havent exactly done yet cause i dont know the step-by-step procedure. I just only tried the regular Streamlink 1.7.0 installer but it did not ever create the "streamlink.exe" in the bin folder for some reason. is it because of it coming with a bundled python 3.6 of it's own apparently ?? it created it's own python folder with 3.6 files, which i assume were Windows 7+ related. :( At the end of the installer, the window mentions "byte compiling" files..which im guessing was supposed to be the streamlink.exe which did not get generated.

    I used the installer exe from here:


    How would i use this "pip" thing exactly with the XP python 3.7 ? does it compile it with that specifically ? And i dont understand the procedure about "sudo pip install --upgrade streamlink" -- do i need the installer exe in the same folder where the pip exe is at, in the python 3.7 folders or something ? i really dont understand how this works. :(

  15. Hmm i see. i looked at the changelog about what they did between .2 and .5 and it's just "update codec tweak tool" on them ... and "update iacros" which i did not install anyways. nothing specific about updating certain files or bugfixes except in earlier versions. So prob wont matter. :(

    jumper - wow interesting info, still no way to ever find out what it was ?? i was monitoring that debug window minimized in the taskbar for all those months, and 1 thing i noticed is 2 dll's always load whenever i open anything like notepad, paint, ...almost anything really. but they always "unload" aproxmiately after 30 seconds. these 2:


    Wed Jul  8 00:08:54.749 2020 (UTC - 7:00): ModLoad: 405f0000 405f8000   C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSISIP.DLL
    --- 1st chance DLL_Load exception ----
    Wed Jul  8 00:08:54.749 2020 (UTC - 7:00): ModLoad: 7dfa0000 7dfb6000   C:\WINDOWS\system32\wshext.dll
    --- 1st chance DLL_Load exception ----
    Wed Jul  8 00:09:24.758 2020 (UTC - 7:00): Unload module C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSISIP.DLL at 405f0000
    --- 1st chance DLL_UnLoad exception ----
    Wed Jul  8 00:09:24.758 2020 (UTC - 7:00): Unload module C:\WINDOWS\system32\wshext.dll at 7dfa0000
    --- 1st chance DLL_UnLoad exception ----
    Wed Jul  8 03:02:31.159 2020 (UTC - 7:00): (f4c.454): Access violation - code c0000005 (first chance)

    but im guessing it's not that. ..i looked in the folder and there like "microsoft signature" ..something and "windows shell ..windows script host" -- again i right clicked and looked at the dates and there dated from 2008 and 2010 ..so again they havent ever been touched. probably part of the Sevice Pack 3 windows updates, i dont really know.

    It didnt crash until 3 hours later as you can see. I dont remember if i opened a notepad or paint window or PC game or whatever at that exact momment. but i would test lots of times and see only those 2 dll's pop up in the log, and unload exactly 30 seconds later. So i'm still clueless. :(

  16. Ucyborg - I doubt any hardware is causing it, this is a laptop by the way. I've never had any sort of "hard lock" or freeze's where the system would be completely frozen and forced holding power button to turn off for example. "not" talking about BSOD.

    And speaking of that, i never have had any "unexpected" BSOD's before for as long as i can remember, only if it's something i know would make it happen like a PC game i cant play cause of this having a "integrated" intel graphics when i'd need nvidia/amd - which is impossible to have for this laptop. But otherwise I don't get any BSOD for reasons that im unaware of or "out of the blue"

    Cpu has always been fine. I still doubt that's a cause. It's a "intel core 2 duo T 7600" not like that detail matters. :|

    I always look at Event Viewer => System like once everyday or so and dont ever see any errors. only usually just "windows time didnt sync" once in awhile. but it usually always works the next day or whatever (the clock in taskbar)

    Dave-H - i had the version 13.8.5 because this page is what it said...is it actually wrong ?? :(


  17. I wondered about that "internet open url" but how am i supposed to even know what caused it ? Like i said it couldnt have been the ntdll.dll cause that's not ever been touched... and that article you linked i dont understand anything about it since it's all "coding" related ...not talking about any issues or problems or crashes...so i dont have a clue what i'm supposed to look for then. :(

    Does that windbg have any other more advanced commands for seeing exactly what file or whatever those question marks were referring to ?? i dont know anything about debugging stuff besides just the "analyze -v" thing which wasnt useful at all ...cause of question marks.

    And as i've mentioned before, these goddamn crashes are purely no way to predict when it will happen.. maybe after a week, month... I dont have any idea how to reproduce it, cause this time it took 4 months for it just happen out of a blue while just casually doing anything like viewing images or videos in my folders, or notepad text's, or any other kinds of programs like playing games, etc etc.  :(

  18. Doesn't seem like it cause that number is at the end of the ntdll line as a "hex" value like the other lines.

    0174fccc 7c92a600 077444f6 04d069f0 00000000 ntdll!RtlpWaitOrTimerCallout+0x73

    I have MalwareBytes AntiMalware and i've scanned with that several times this year with the latest defintion update(s) since this first started, and i've always come up clean (0 detections) everytime. :|

  19. yea theres those worthless question marks. :( but i mean, it cant possibly be ntdll right ? cause that's not ever been touched since i've had this computer around 2010. it wasnt ever modified or anything like that.


    i also tried searching for like ID 454, but there was no such thing in all the running exe's at the time, explorer was process ID 3916 it said, in the "process list" text file.

  20. yea.. :( well,i just went ahead and uploaded that crash dump file to mediafire. i dont know why it has to be such a ridiculously huge size like this. I dont know anything about coding and all that stuff so all i ever knew what to try was "analyze -v" ..and getting stupid question marks as i showed in that screenshot earlier.  :(


  21. Sorry to bump this topic after so many months, but may i possibly get some help still on this ?? I had that debugger program sitting in the taskbar, and it took almost 4 months until explorer.exe crashed again, so that i finally got a "2nd chance violation" crash dump file from it. I attempted to load it in the "windbg" thing and followed the instructions on just viewing what the problem was, and even that doesnt tell me anything at all. :( It "still" didnt say exactly what dll or file caused it, and it had a bunch of question marks on all the values. what the hell!! how is this possible!! :(

    here's what i mean, it just shows question marks for this 77444f6, and doesnt even say what dll it is on the 1st line of "stack text" area at the bottom besides "ntdll" which i doubt is it, since thats a main OS file


    This crash dump file is almost 150 MB in size, there's another crash dump labeled "1st chance shut down" also 150 MB, but im guessing only the access violation one is relevant here. should i try uploading it mediafire or something so one of you guys might be able to check it and figure out what the cause is ?? cause im sick and tired of never gettinng any information out of this. Always these freaking "unknown model" ...unknown... question marks, version - etc etc. :(

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