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  1. D link air DWL-610 supports wpa On router setted Hybrid wpa/wpa2 and works
  2. That's why i install us version of windows 98 se...
  3. Hi I want to be new member of msfn community I am windows 9x/2k fan My english is bad... Sorry...
  4. Sadly ,KernelEX doesn't support xp programs ! It supports 2000/xp programs (before xp sp2) You can try run firefox 11/12 (works on my 2k pc)
  5. AFAIK for Polish 98se there is something called "winspatcher". This have official updates ,but i must install us 98se because i must change keyboard (qwertz [deutsch]). I doesn't understand deutsch very well.... Also some programs doesn't works correcly... Ps.Why i can't change keyboard to qwertz on Polish 98se ?
  6. Hi How can i get all official only updates for 98se US ?

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