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  1. As you have mentioned about dynamic dns then why windows server provides the role of dns. My windows firewall setting is as per you said i havent changed or modified any changes in my inbound rules still i cant access my website via external ip address? Why can you tell me that Forget about dynamic dns i am okay with external ip address just to check its working or nt.
  2. I have checked everything dsl modem too Can you tell me is STATIC IP ADDRRESS NECESSARY FROM ISP?
  3. I appreciate your help I called them and asked they have told me its unblocked. I can do web hosting service.
  4. Hi i want to host a website on windows server 2008 r2 and i dont want to buy a domain i want to use my own. I have a dsl d-link modem which is provided to me by my ISP and i have a router linksys wrt54g which is been connected to my modem I have installed WEB IIS on my server now, i have opened the port 80 on windows firewall and also on the router and modem too but still i cant access the website through public id?? Can any1 guide me with this issue?? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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