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  1. The OneDrive link doesn't work. "deleted, expired, or you might not have permission to view it"
  2. Why not just use WinRAR to extract it? It's free. An installer only eliminates one step ()extracting and then installing, plus you have to configure it regardless of method).
  3. Wow thanks @MDJ! I look forward to it whenever you get the chance to fix the tutorial. I'm sure it'll help many others too.
  4. Okay so how to I apply it to the shellstyle? The readme file has instructions but I'm lost once it starts mentioning UIFILEs. Also I do have MUI pairs. Clarification/help would be much appreciated.
  5. Crap, I was hoping there was a solution, as this is literally the only tool I know of that fixes the detail pane (at the very least), and some other settings. There's something in the readme about adding UIFILES to shellstyle. Would that make it permanent so it can't just be tossed out of memory? Huh, never knew that's what hibernate does. Thanks for the quick response.
  6. I keep getting a problem with OldNewExplorer (using latest version, 1.1.7). Sometimes after I wake my computer from sleep mode the details pane returns to the right side, even though I already had explorer windows open and it was on the bottom. It's not even a consistent thing like after every time it wakes up, it'll just happen randomly. It could possibly be because windows installs a new updates, but I don't think so because the latest windows update (which is only for Internet Explorer anyway) isn't even installed yet. The only way to fix it is to reboot, uninstall, delete the DLLs and then extract/reinstall it. But it's a pain in the a$$ because then I have to re-open all of the programs I had open. Plus it shouldn't just change on a whim when nothing changed. Side note: Does windows 10 save your programs open? Monitor wouldn't wake up so I held down the power button to turn off completely, saw my motherboard manufacturer logo pop up as normal, but then it opened on the lock screen and resumed where I was as if I didn't even turn it off. Really weird.

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