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  1. Hi, I finally installed KB4134651 to test it, and in my system the button find target works as it should. I don't have Malwarebytes installed, so I can't test it.
  2. Hi, KB4089453-v2 updates these two files that are already on my system: pchsvc.dll and safrslv.dll, so in my case I don't know why is not being offered to me. Anyway I installed it. About NET4 KB4095528, you can find which files it changes with 7zip: System.Security.dll to version 4.0.30319.2111 Last time this file was updated was in KB4014605, and I think it was offered to me. Anyway I installed KB4095528 too.
  3. Hi, I'm no being offered KB4089453 nor KB4095528 (and I have NET 4 installed). Anyone else? Anyone knows why?
  4. Sandboxie drops support for Windows XP
  5. Hi, YES, uninstalling KB4056615 solved the error 0x8007051b "This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object" when copying files to a shared folder. It is strange, cause I found this person having the same problem a week ago ???? before the updates https://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/412790-can-no-longer-copy-create-folders-shared-xp-drive.html the solution was uninstalling AVG antivirus.
  6. Hi, I don't know if this is related with the recent updates but today after installing all the updates I can't copy files to my Windows XP shared folder (full control). I get "Please remove the write protection". Never had any problem copying files to that shared folder over the network. Anybody has this problem?
  7. Hi, no problem with that button for me neither.
  8. Interesting!!, I didn't know about this!! Is there a list of available hotfixes for windows xp not included in windows update or even in the catalog?
  9. there's another one: http://download.windowsupdate.com/c/msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/10/windowsxp-kb4048968-x86-embedded-enu_ab6f62f99b8c12c77669875735ee6143d3bc74b7.exe
  10. If you want to speed up WU detection instal first KB4042120 (win32k.sys) and KB4040685 (IE8). That worked for me. By the way, NET4 KB4040962 replaces KB2978125 (system.runtime.remoting.dll)
  11. Anybody knows why KB4039111 is no longer in the catalog?
  12. Thanks for your answer, but no, after disabling all addons it's the same. I installed both to compare and the diference is big. Even opening a folder in the bookmarks toolbar and hovering the mouse through other folders to open them is slower. In a faster computer maybe won't be noticiable but definitely the performance of 45.9 is much better than 52.
  13. Hi, after updating firefox from 45.9 ESR to 52.2 ESR on my old Pentium M laptop with Windows XP, browsing the web is very slow cause the cpu reach 100% a lot. Anybody noticed that? Firefox 52 ESR may be the last version with XP support. Before they drop xp support I used Palemoon, cause it was lighter than firefox, and before that Opera 12, even more lighter. Maybe it's time to go back to IE8?
  14. I think it is safe to remove everything inside that folder. I think the files in that folder were created in case of another service pack SP4. It's been a while since no new updates have been creating it's folder inside $hf_mig$