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  1. Hello,

    Sorry to bother you, I'm sure you have a busy schedule, but I would like to ask you a few things, if that's OK.

    I'm a big Windows Vista fan, and it's painful for me to see such a good OS suffer a quick death, as programs and drivers that are supported in Windows 7 drop support for Vista, in tandem with XP, even though 7 and Vista share most of the code base. I would like to do something about this. That's why I'm writing this message.

    I know you are the person behind the excelent KernelEx for Windows 2000, who suffers of much of the same problems Vista suffers in terms of support, being left behind in favour of the more successeful brothers, XP and 7. I would like to ask to you guidelines in how to develop my own KernelEx for Vista. I have some coding background, and am not afraid to touch the guts of an OS.

    Are there any specific programs you use to develop KernelEx? What should I be aware, wanting to start such a project? What do I need to know for such a task?

    Thanks for the attention, and, again, sorry for the trouble :)

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