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  1. Solved the problem. Added this to my existing AutoHotKey startup script: Run, schtasks.exe /run /tn "DWMGlassElevate.exe_-1916372974" which just runs another compiled AutoHotKey script, now as admin, that simply elevates itself further (to TrustedInstaller status) using PowerRun Run, C:\Scripts\PowerRun_x64.exe C:\Scripts\DWMGlass.exe which finally kills the dialogue box! WinWait, dwm.exe,,15 WinClose, dwm.exe I'm sure there's neater ways to do it, like a single script that check's its own privilege level, but I don't care. This works . Because it's run first, it means I don't have to hover over each window to correct the initial drawing errors.
  2. Yeah, but even with border padding set to 0 (as I have done) it's still there because the border padding on the default Win10 theme is invisible (which is why windows positioning is always screwed on Win10) But yeah, it's mainly about just automating setting up my environment, so I log in to something already set up, not having to dismiss error messages like it's my dad's old Windows 98 box.
  3. I currently have an autohotkey startup script that launches my apps across 2 virtual desktops and pixel-perfect positions their windows, but the Glass8 windows have thicker borders and the prompt ends up behind them. Also I'm lazy.
  4. Yeah that fixed it (apart from the blur effect). Now if I can just get autohotkey to interact with that popup window, it'll be sorted, but even running as admin doesn't work
  5. How did you get it working on 16299.15? I have the donate version of 1.5.6 so it should grab symbols automatically, but all I get is a message saying that it doesn't work in my version of windows. (edit: working. It gave me an invalid machine ID, got the correct ones from the debug.log and now I have the symbols) (edit2: not working after reboot, even with symbols present)
  6. Lum

    StartIsBack++ 2.9

    Worked fine on reinstall, unfortunately. It was literally just the standard windows "This application has stopped responding" dialogue, coming from the configuration utility. There was no error message, no windows popping up, nothing useful. I have these in the event log though.
  7. Lum

    StartIsBack++ 2.9

    Installing on anniversary update. startisback configuration crashes twice at the end of install, but it still seems to work.
  8. It's a bug that happens if you disable text glow. Reenabling fixes it. An ugly hack you can do: Open up the theme atlas PNG in gimp or photoshop and completely erase the bits that are for the text glow. You can then re-enable text glow in AeroGlass because it won't actually appear/
  9. It's back now, but it was a domain parking page yesterday. Will sort out my licence next time I reboot
  10. So today my AeroGlass switched back to the free version with nag screen and watermark (and a different machine key), happened when I used "Turn windows features on or off" to remove Hyper-V, and I don't think that should happen and for added bonus, the glass8.eu site is gone, so I can't even make myself a new key. What now?
  11. That sorted it, then I edited my theme atlas to make an invisible glow effect
  12. Any idea how to fix this? I'm on the stock Windows 10 theme, and stock theme atlas, running v1.5.2
  13. Same problems as everyone else, even after uninstalling, deleting the files manually and reinstalling. also with left aligned text, the text is appearing about 16-20px too far to the left, so if the window has an icon it is overwritten by text, and with no icon the text hangs outside the bounds of the window. First install, metro apps wouldn't start. Second install metro apps gave a "class not registered" error coming from explorer.exe. Also the win+ctrl+left/right shortcuts seem to have gotten disabled.
  14. Stock Win10 theme No theme atlas 7+ taskbar tweaker to narrow the vertical taskbar to 32p Secondary taskbars provided by displayfusion. Optimus hybrid graphics setup where internal display and right hand monitor are driven off the Intel HD530 and the left hand monitor is driven off the nVidia 960M. Glitch only occurs on the right hand monitor, and tends to be more prominent if the adjacent window is doing hardware scrolling. GlassMyFox and GlassMyBird installed for Firefox and Thunderbird respectively.
  15. Is there a way to disable the shadow effect around the edges of the windows? I don't really like it anyway and it seems to be causing graphical glitches on my system, with part of the background app covered by the shadow not rendering correctly.
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