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  1. Screw it. I'll just remove that 3G switch from my boot.ini. They say it's useless. Chinese beta patch v2.1 (kernel patch only + any combination of those sys files from Windows 2003). Now I'll test the original XP libraries + patched core. Thanks. Also, everything works fine with my original USBhub & USBport.sys, at least for the time being. Waiting for BSOD.
  2. No it can't. It is also written in fix128 chm ("up to 64 for XP"). Check the patched kernel files. They will be the same (same bytes patched). And that's the only interesting thing for me.
  3. So the first box means "load classic core by default", next one is "don't put the alternative core' menu item to the top of the list", the dialog box with "3" means "The default waiting time in seconds before menu item will be autoselected", under that dialog box there's a checkbox with "Synchronize core version with Windows Update Center when a computer boots up", the long dialog box is alternative core' name for the boot string and the last dialog box with "0" means "increase data addressing limit for user mode applications" (I think it's about that /userva switch). The right button means "Install hotfix" and "About" button is on the left. I hope this'll help. BTW it's almost the same Chinese 2.1 Beta patch with old sys drivers from windows 2003 and there're two additional files - usbstor & usbintel.
  4. D*mn, I forgot about that. So I got BSOD & this message: STOP : C000021a } {...blahlbah (meaningless unicode symbols) ... TDI ...blahblahblah (meaningless unicode symbols)... And some RDR (MRxSmb) problems in Eventlog. One more question: if everything works fine with USBhub & USBport.sys only, should I copy disk.sys, hidparse.sys and other libraries from windows 2003? I mean will it affect on system speed and such? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. I have a little problem. So I patched my kernel files with 2.1 Beta patch and replaced XP system files with those from windows 2003. Everything is fine, but when I'm trying to add /3G /USERVA switches to a boot.ini, I'm getting a PC restart before the login dialog appears. I think maybe it's about Pci controller. Any thoughts?
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