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  1. I've looked around a little but it doesn't seem like there's anything that can replace glass8 in any substantial way.  However, I haven't made an exhaustive effort--it's not really worth my time.  Big Muscle was never that great at support--he never answered any of my messages--so this is apparently the final kick in the butt!

  2. On 7/7/2022 at 6:14 AM, i430VX said:

    you can still access the site on web.archive.org

    If you switch any substantial hardware, even just a hard drive, the watermark will come back.  The only way I've been able to rid the desktop of that is to download a new donation key.  I had several new keys available by de-commissioning my prior ones and therefore reusing my original donations toward new ones.  Now that Big Muscle it completely out of business it looks like there wouldn't be any way to eliminate the watermark should you still be running a version of Windows 10 that supports glass8 and make such a hardware change unless some sort of watermark remover will work (I am running such a version of 10, although it's mainly for nostalgic purposes and is not my primary operating system).  So, are we completely out of luck unless there's some sort of third party watermark remover that will work?

  3. So, is there going to be any support for aeroglass after Windows 10 version 1909 or for Windows 11?  Can BigMuscle give us any idea?  I'm staying on version 1909 of Windows 10 just so I can have it although I also have Windows 11 (which of course doesn't have it) and Windows 7 (where it is native).

  4. On ‎10‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 7:41 PM, netsendjoe said:

    I really don't understand why Microsoft doesn't just give us the option to use Aero transparencies. I know it can use more resources on older machines that might not have them, but since Win7 hardware has come a long way. Most consumers get Windows with a new computer. I'm sure most of us here build our own.
    Anyway, thank you Big Muscle for doing what Microsoft won't.

    Aero was the most requested feature people requested for Windows 10 when Microsoft was asking for suggestions.  Just goes to show what a monopoly like Microsoft can get away with, as they wouldn't survive in a truly competitive market ignoring their customers desires in such a manner.

  5. My machine updated itself today to 16299.192 and now my areoglass is barely working.  I had a blue hue in my active windows (using Noel's rounded corners) and now all I have is a nearly opaque white title bar with almost no transparency in the active and inactive windows as well.  The aeroglassgui utility doesn't respond to any requests at all.  I will note that the new version downloaded some new symbols upon my first logon.  Not sure whether this version needs an update from BM or rounded corners needs an update.  Any help appreciated.

    Update: I signed out and signed in again and now everything's back to normal--colors, transparency, aeroglassgui utility all working again!


  6. 5 hours ago, Dreamweaver01 said:

    When it's ready :unsure:

    I agree that the update is taking an extended amount of time.  I'm not certain that this is BM's fault, and perhaps there is good reason for it.  It would seem that a project like this should move along more smoothly, but as I said I'm not sure what's involved.  I hope that we get some time to use the final version before we're back in the same boat with the September update.

  7. 6 hours ago, JTB3 said:

    Can someone please quickly outline the steps to test/register the new beta DWMGlass.dll on the Creators Update?

    Much appreciated! -JT :)

    To get it working I added DWMGlass.dll to my c:\areoglass directory (do this first as you might have trouble adding it if the old one is running) and then ran the install for version 1.51 (seems to work better than 1.52 or 1.53).  Running fine.  Put your donation key in the directory if you want to avoid being prompted for that.  I'm using the latest version of modernframe.dll and NoelC's rounded corners.

    Update: Reverted back to non-areoglass since the beta seems to be to kicking in and out when I close certain windows.  Not stable enough at this point for me, at least the way I have it set up (there may be a better way).  Will probably just wait for the final to avoid the watermark and a minimized DWMGlass window.

  8. 2 hours ago, seb33190 said:

    I want to know if aeroglass 1.5.3 and compatible?

    Compatible only up to rs1--Anniversary Update.  Not compatible with Creators update.  I have a feeling something has happened to BM that stops him from his work.  If so, there probably won't be any areoglass for the Creators Update or future versions.  It'd be nice if somehow we could find out what his status is but I'm not sure anybody knows how it could be verified.

  9. 7 hours ago, UCyborg said:

    The installer appears to install official version The other executable is unofficial. Without symbols, it can work with bugs; when it loads, frame color is reset, caption text is surrounded by two lines at top and bottom and obviously all under-the-hood improvements from later versions are missing. That's just for regular Win32 applications.

    Any way to get symbols or will they automatically download when available?  Running 15063.332.

  10. 12 hours ago, Edivan Baptista said:

    Is aeroglass 1.5.3 not compatible with windwos 10 RedStone 2!? When will we have a new version?

    Your guess is as good as mine.  It's been over six weeks since the Creators Update has been available and at least 3 weeks since Bigmuscle said 'very soon' in another thread to the availability of a version compatible with rs2.  I know from Noel who has received an experimental version that BM has worked on this and more or less had a version that worked well.  Why he has not distributed anything to his donors or the public is, again, anybody's guess.  I hope all is well with him and that he's not in any predicament that prevents him from doing his work.  I suppose we have no choice but to wait for a version or for some news regarding BM.

  11. I tried installing version 1.5.3 and that was a disaster--just more or less locked up my system and I had to restore a recent backup.  By the way, after installation you do get some new symbols, so therefore no incompatibility message.  You can get version 1.5.1 on there without locking up the system but I really had no luck getting any transparency or blur, for that matter, whether using AeroGlassGUI or not--title bars pretty much look as if there was no installation.  We'll just have to wait until Bigmuscle has his first experimental build for rs2.

  12. 6 hours ago, NoelC said:

    Actually I was looking for the exact time and date the software was actually built from sources.  Look at the Modification dates/times on the system .exe files to see that.

    It will tell us, in light of the numbers in the colored boxes above, how long Microsoft actually tests software before they send it out to the masses.  I'm guessing it's only weeks, if even plural.



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