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  1. Nope, only thing that helps is restarting explorer.exe.
  2. No such luck. No matter how many settings refreshes I do, the folder refuses to show up until explorer.exe is restarted.
  3. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, Tihiy! Could I twist your arm into rescanning the "Right side items" folders when doing a refresh? I'm still experiencing the problem I reported here whereby, because my network drive isn't immediately available at login, SIB doesn't display items like my Downloads folder located on that drive. I've been using a batch file at login to forcibly map the drive as quickly as possible and then restart explorer.exe (SIB rescans when you restart explorer.exe), but sometimes this occurs so quickly that not all my startup items load before explorer.exe is terminated, leaving me to try and figure out what didn't load and start it manually. If I could refresh SIB with SendMessage after the drive map completes instead of restarting explorer.exe, I'd finally have an acceptable workaround for this issue.
  4. Is there any way to do an automated refresh of SIB (what happens when you press "OK" in the settings dialog) without restarting explorer.exe and without using AutoHotkey (or similar) to open the settings dialog and click "OK"?
  5. Just started happening for me. 10240 and 10586 were fine.
  6. When you expand the Control Panel menu in the Anniversary Update, there's a blank item at the top of the menu that does nothing.
  7. Still anxiously awaiting a fix for this one.
  8. I've noticed ONE sometimes isn't applied to "open" dialogs, and I just figured out how to reliably reproduce: Enable "Hide Up (go to parent folder) button"Run Microsoft PaintHit Ctrl+O to bring up the open dialog, Up button is shownClose open dialogHit Ctrl+O again, Up button is gone as expectedEach time Paint is launched, ONE isn't applied to the very first open dialog, and the same thing occurs in many other programs. Can we get a fix?
  9. I realize there are a number of workarounds, but it'd be nice if shift-clicking Restart (which I have as my power button default action) in SIB would get me there as well.
  10. One more: In Windows 8 and 10, shift-clicking "Restart" opens the boot options menu, but this doesn't appear to work from SIB's Start Menu.
  11. Recent Items issue appears to be fixed in v1.1.5. Any word on the network drive issue?
  12. One more: It'd be great if 3rd-party Control Panel applets didn't show up in Recent Items. To reproduce, open SIB's "Start menu" applet, and you'll end up with its GUID string in Recent Items. EDIT: I'm noticing other non-documents appearing in Recent Items as well, such as search queries. To reproduce, enter a search (like "test") in the SIB search box, hit "See more results", and "The Internet" and "query=test" will appear in Recent Items.
  13. 21px in Windows vs. 32px in SIB -- 11px larger by my count. As someone who makes extensive use of My Documents and Control Panel navigation through the start menu, I often have to scroll to the file I want now because the menus are so big.
  14. StartIsBack++ doesn't appear to like special folders not in the default location. I have my Downloads folder set to S:\Unsorted, and at boot, SIB doesn't include it in my start menu. Opening SIB settings and pressing OK is enough to get it to display again, but this needs to be done every single time I reboot. Can I get a fix? EDIT: It just occurred to me that this may be happening because SIB is ready before my network drive is. If so, SIB should display the menuitem even if the corresponding folder doesn't currently exist. One other thing that's been bothering me: Submenu heights, particularly when compared to their Windows 7 counterparts, are positively HUGE. Can I get a submenu height option as well? Or even just a more reasonable default?

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