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  1. And here we are, late 2017, and there is STILL no change to this. Windows 10 STILL has confused and retrograde font rendering compared to Windows 7. Just look at the rendering in a Word document workspace compared with some of the menu items. Grayscale (nasty) compared with RGB (much nicer) on standard RGB monitors. Apparently this is to mitigate changes in matrix orientation when a tablet is rotated, but it makes little sense how one strategy is used for some areas and the other for others... This is one of the single biggest barriers to me upgrading to W10. That and the lack of Aero. grrr.
  2. Hi BM, Brilliant work on this. Almost getting to a state where W10 is usable... Some suggestions - ideally from config control panel: Individually configurable active & inactive title/border intensity & transparency - eg so that you can have a really good difference between active and inactive? (the UI appears to offer this, but it doesn't have any effect) Edge borders with a highlight colour (yes, like Aero, of course) Resize the title bar buttons - they are just too big at the moment? Rounded corners? W7-type scroll bars? Keep up the great work!

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