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  1. 1. Open Windows settings. 2. Click on Privacy. 3. In the General section, make sure you've enabled "Let Windows track app launches to improve Start and search results". If you don't have that Windows setting enabled then Startisback won't be able to display recent programs because they won't be remembered by Windows to be displayed.
  2. I'm having an issue with the Atlas theme in Windows 10 AU, where application windows edges are a different colour than the title bar, and changing settings in Aero Glass GUI doesn't seem to fix it. Also, a lot of settings in Aero Glass GUI don't seem to do anything, and I'm wondering whether it fully works with the latest version of Aero Glass for Windows 10 AU.
  3. I don't think that it's a glass effect, just basic transparency, turned all the way up. It's not the same thing, IMO. Can't comfortably read titlebars, the start menu, or get good definition between window borders and the background with just increasing transparency.
  4. Thanks for that information, bigmuscle. I think it would be great if the needed symbol files were packaged with the Aero Glass installer. Also, it would be safer to do that, than to rely on Microsoft to always have the needed symbol files available to be downloaded.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to respond to me, Shining Escuridao. I want to make a more involved post on this subject later, but I'd like to say, I have absolutely no problems with supporting the author of this app. In fact, I'd love to support them in order to have the full product, because this is a great application. The issue I have is that there's no explanation that supporting does anything to solve these issues on the Support or Download pages, where it should be made clear as day that these issues are specific to the free version, and are all solved with the paid version. It's like a store that has items for sale, but none of them are stocked on shelves, or listed anywhere. Why would somebody think they're able to acquire a garden hose there when there's nothing hinting at it anywhere within the store? I think that the Aero Glass developer could be missing out on more than 50% of support donations, simply because they haven't communicated any benefits to supporting on their main website, and because the free version shows issues with no indication that they're solved by supporting. Also, when I did donate to the developer in order to get the full version, I chose the smallest donation possible, because I had no idea what I was actually going to get in return for my donation. I worried that I might pay and still have some of the issues I had with the free version, in which case I wouldn't have wanted to donate, because I wouldn't use the application with those issues. And having those issues would have shaped my opinion of the application, and whether I wanted to support it or not. So, not having a clear description of what the difference between the free, and the donation-supported version of the app shaped my donation willingness, and could have resulted in my not using the app at all to find out. It is because I couldn't find how to uninstall the app that I came to the forums, and found threads by other users, detailing the issue. If I hadn't read some random threads about various subject, which most people are not going to do, I wouldn't have learned that donating to the project solves all of the issues I had with the free version. A person should know, immediately upon visiting the Support or Download page, what the difference between the Free and Donation-Supported versions are. They should have that information before they install the app, and it should be there for them to read, before they download and install the app. They shouldn't be confused about thing, after downloading the app, and finding weird behaviour that they didn't expect. I want the developer to be supported well, because I want to see this application maintained, and enhanced. The current lack of information on the Support and Downloads pages means that the developer is missing out on a large amount of otherwise willing support.
  6. Well, I donated and generated a license key, and placed it in the Aero Glass folder. That removed the watermark, but it did not cause the needed symbols to download automatically. I still get a message saying "Aero Glass does not know how to hook your version of DWM," and also "We tried to download the appropriate symbols package from Microsoft server but it failed. Do you want to retry it now?"
  7. In this post:http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173139-read-first/ ... the developer says: If you want to remove desktop watermark, read this page: http://glass8.eu/support.php There is absolutely no mention that supporting removes the watermark on that page. So, what are people expected to read there that relates to removing the watermark? Also, in that linked-to thread, the developer also says "Private/Full/Donated version downloads the symbols automatically, so you don't have to do anything except waiting for a while." Again, there is absolutely no mention of this on the Support page. Are these features supposed to just be pleasant surprises that supporters don't expect, but just happen to get once they support? Or are they supposed to be reasons why people might choose to support? If it is the latter, then best to include mention of the benefits of supporting on the actual Support page, and also on the Download page. If I hadn't bothered coming to the forum to mention the issue of missing symbols, and if I hadn't bothered reading this particular thread where a forum member pointed that these things are solved by supporting, I would have left AG as not a full solution, and not worth the hassle. A bit of communication and clarity really makes all the difference to people using this application.
  8. Really? All of that information should be included on the Support and Download pages for Aero Glass, because, right now, it isn't. How is anyone going to have any clue that donating produces these basic wanted advantages when it isn't stated anywhere on the Aero Glass webpage? I actually hadn't donated, because I didn't want to buy into a product that was not ready for prime-time, with the "Aero Glass does not know how to hook your version of DWM" message, and whatnot. The AG free build comes across as buggy, and with no clear direction to solve all its issues (missing symbols, watermark, pop-up at start of launching Windows). I guess this is a tip to the developer: If you intend to put full functionality behind a paywall, with the intention of the free release being for people to consider donating, then make that clear on the Download and Support pages. Otherwise, the product just comes across as half-assed, sloppy, incomplete, and not worth buying in its current state.
  9. I'm getting this too, after installing Aero Glass on Win 10, version 1151, build 10568.494. I also don't want to install anything extra to replace these files, and I don't enjoy the idea that this would have to be done each next time Microsoft updates Windows. Is it not possible for the Aero Glass install to install these automatically during its own install process? Btw, I'd love to see Aero Glass team up with Startisback++, to create an all-in-one application that restores all these positive classic Windows features, sort of like how Winaerotweaker is an all-in-one tool for many different types of Windows tweaking. Thanks for developing Aero Glass. Windows 10 is much more satisfying an environment because of it.
  10. The Windows 10 taskbar's flat and bland appearance isn't to everyone's liking, and I'm wondering if it is possible with Startisback, even possible as a future feature, to modify the appearance of the Windows 10 taskbar, to make it look like it is in Windows 7, or even better, like it is in Windows Vista.

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