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  1. > I would call it a Frequently Asked Question, and it's under the FAQ section of the website. It is, indeed, a FAQ - and it's the case that I didn't read the FAQ, so apologies for that - but (in my less than humble view) although it should be on the FAQ page, it should also be on the pages people visit in the process of downloading and buying the version for Windows 10. With everyone's permission, I think we can now stop talking about this. Cheers Bob
  2. that's not true, it's written at least twice that you don't have to buy new license. ++1.0.1 is out - Fixed immersive menu colors with third-party styles - Fixed All Programs default style glyph Tihiy, having installed StartIsBack on close to 100 of my clients' Win8/8.1 PCs (as well as a few of my own), I'm personally very grateful for all the fantastic work you've done with StartIsBack (as, of course, are very many of my clients!) so, please, don't feel the need to be defensive. Instead, please try to take on board the fact that, if I couldn't find this information, it's not as prominent as it really should be. So, please, just make this important fact rather more obvious. Just for the record (okay, I am being unnecessarily pedantic), there is no such mention on these key pages: http://startisback.com/ http://startisback.com/#download-tab http://startisback.com/#buy-tab Best regards Cheers Bob
  3. Installed my first version of Version ++1.0 (29 July 2015) today on the laptop of a client who'd updated to Win10 Home without having a clue what would happen. Client is now very happy to have menus back and things looking much as they were on Win7 but I need to know what the situation is with paying. Can I use a license I've bought in preparation for installing StartIsBack on Windows 8 or 8.1? I'm guessing that all licenses can be used on all versions but there's nothing on the StartIsBack site about this at all. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers Bob Crabtree

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