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  1. The fix to not animate start menu with 'Animate window minimize and maximize' off is uploaded in ++1.1.5. I guess I would add a registry key for those who don't like sliding; there have been no complaints yet. I like the new animation of the start menu, it just seems a bit awkward that the user picture slides up whilst the start menu fades in Just keep up the good work, and i love the Plain10 style!
  2. Oh, okay.. So it won't be changed?
  3. Any idea of when you will be able to fix the user picture being detached? The Animation would be a 10/10 if the user picture faded in the same way
  4. Yes I don't think so Thanks for replying so fast
  5. I just have 2 Questions: 1: Will you ever make a Windows 10 theme? (Remove the "white area" in the start menu?) 2: Would you be able to add so i could show the clock on more than 1 monitor and/or allow me to choose what monitor i want the clock on? (Would be useful when i'm playing my games ) Great work on the program so far! -crunzaty
  6. For the next update have you considered adding a Windows 10 Visual Style? That is for me the only thing that is missing.. Keep up the great work!
  7. I love Startisback as I've used it since Windows 8.1 and i installed Windows 10 today and i only have 1 suggestion for you: Please add a Windows 10 Visual Style as i actually like that type of style. Thanks! > crunzaty / Kenneth
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