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  1. Dvd not recognized in drive anymore

    OK... 1st, of all the PC recognizes the DVD/CR-ROM? You yourself said that it can see/open/use regular CD's. So it's not the physical drive iteself. 2nd, were you trying to watch DVD movies with this drive? If so what DVD decoder software or hardware were you using? 3rd, by default WindowsXP will not play DVD's (either music or video) without a DVD (hardware or software) decoder. You need either or to properly use the DVD drive for this purpose. If you were using software decoders, were you using full retail DVD software or trial DVD software (there is a difference)? If they were full retail versions are they the latest versions? WindowsXP has issues with older DVD decoding software and needs the latest versions. 4th, did you verify that your DVD drive is XP compatible from the Hardware Compatible List? h**p:www.microsoft.comhcl I hope this may help you on figuring out what the problem is.
  2. XP Media Player won't play DVDs...

    This is the Toshiba Tecra 8100? Using the DVD Mediamatics software? or the MPlayer? Are you doing a clean install or migrating from a previous OS? I did a check of issues with this Make and Model and it does not have a hardware DVD decoder. It used MediaMatics for the sofware decoding.
  3. XP Media Player won't play DVDs...

    As a tester for M$. I have never been able to play DVD's on laptops without using software decoders. A hardware decoder is usually required. You may have been able to play DVD during the RC era but you have to remember that it was just BETA during that time. Once the product shipped other changes have and were made. This issue may have been one of them that was changed. If all else fails, you might wanna try software decoders such as WinDVD or PowerDVD. I wish I could be of more assistance.
  4. XP Media Player won't play DVDs...

    I tested all the versions on XP. I was never able to use a DVD drive by itself without a software decoder. Have you looked at the KB's for this issue?
  5. XP Media Player won't play DVDs...

    To the best of my testing knowledge: In order to use MPlayer as the defualt DVD Player you need a hardware decoder. Mplayer doesn't have the codecs for decrypting DVD's without the hardware decoder. Since it is a laptop, have you tried WinDVD or PowerDVD?
  6. My modem and XP will not be friends!

    You may want to check the upgrade report. It should be in c:windowsupgrade.txt That is a file created upon migration from one OS to XP. There it will/should list all the incompat hardware and software. Check to see if your modem is listed. also check ht*p:www.microsoft.comhcl That is the Hardware Compatibility List. Any hardware that is tested for Microsoft Certifiation is listed there. If all else fails, try the Generic Modem.
  7. winxp doesnt bootup w/ usb2.0 pci card in

    If my memory serves me correct. WindowsXP does not nativly support USB 2.0 I know it supports USB 1.0 and 1394 but no real idea about 2.0.
  8. Windows XP Pre SP1 Fixes List

    This is not part of the SP1. Processor updates is in the Windows Update, under Driver Update. I know it's there, because it's one of the items I tested. That is IF there is a new driver for your processor.
  9. Windows XP Pre SP1 Fixes List

    I'm going to start submitting my resume soon. I wonder how many takers i'll have from my background. M$ - Software Engineer (testing XP on OEM systems). InHell - Firmware Engineer (testing laptop platforms with beta CPU's and BIOS ). Sharp - Computer Support Specialist (supported 300 local users and 50 remote with hardware and software support).
  10. Windows XP Pre SP1 Fixes List

    Hey, I don't mind working here. I'm just a contractor, who's contract is due to end in January. I've enjoyed working here. It beats my former employer of InHell all to shreds. InHell needs to treat the contractors better (IMHO). I've worked hard to get here and have been totally happy in my work, my employer and my project. Not many can truely say that they are happy in their job. I am one that can say that...hehe
  11. Windows XP Pre SP1 Fixes List

    I may be on the inside, but i'm just a little peon in this massive machine. I can only talk about things i know for fear of getting myself in trouble and out of a job.
  12. Windows XP Pre SP1 Fixes List

    Some of these issues are fixed in the Windows Update. I don't know a timeframe as yet for the rest of the fixes.
  13. Balloons!

    There are two ways of deleting the balloons. 1. ACTIVATE the product. 2. There is a registry key that needs to be added (I lost the info on it).
  14. Chipset: Intel I840 Processor: Dual P-III – 1 GHz Memory: 512Mb CD: Lite-On 48x Max Hard Drive 1: Seagate ST318451LW – 18Gb - SCSI Hard Drive 2: Seagate ST318451LW – 18Gb - SCSI Hard Drive Controller 1: Adaptec AIC-7899 Ultra160 Hard Drive Controller 2: Adaptec AIC-7899 Ultra160 Network Card: 3Com 3C905B-TX Video Card: Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead Max Sound Card: Crystal Sound Fusion Operating System: Windows2000/WindowsXP Professional
  15. XP beta ?

    WindowsXP Beta (RC1 and RC2) can only be found on warez site anymore. Microsoft has stopped sending Beta CD's since the product is about to be released to the public.