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  1. How to backup Outlook Express

  2. How to backup Outlook Express

    I do appreciate your helps. This forum is really helplful. Cool, I lovet this BBS. Thanks again, Blackwar and other friends
  3. How to backup Outlook Express

    Any other solution at this point????? It is really important for me to get back the mail accounts. And the contacts address book is also valuable for me. Please I just heard about one solution before, just cannot bring it back to my memory now. Help!!!!!! Thanks, Blackwar!
  4. How to backup Outlook Express

    If I only copy the *.dbx files into my new system, the outlook can only restore the folders themsleves. Still, I have no way to get back the messege rules and mail accounts.
  5. How to backup Outlook Express

    The problem is all the backup file are in the Norton Ghost Image File. I cannot run the "original outlook" in my new system. But thanks anyway!
  6. I just got my broadband access (FTTP + LAN) yesterday. But unfortunately, I only have been assigned to an internal IP address start from 10.*.*.* It causes many problem in communicating especially in Video and Audio communication. I can start the Video feature in MSN Messenger when I access to Internet through dail-up connection. But now I cannot do that via broadband accession. How can I solve the problems? Anyone has some contructive suggestions? Thanks
  7. How to backup Outlook Express

    I changed most of my hardwares last night. So the god damned freaky Winxp block me from the log-in screen. Then I ghost the drive which orginally contained the winxp for backup. Since I have many important mails in my outlook express and many many contacts in there, I have to recover them from the old "ghost file" into the new winxp. Anyone here can tell me how I can do now? Please, it is very urgent!!!!!
  8. To Chris (Bowman): What I am talking about here has nothing to do with the "911" tragedy in US. I have no idea why you reacted to my thread in such a detesting way. Actually, I do feel very sorry for the dead in "911" and I will stand with the Americans to fight against dammed Terrorism. But I can understand your mood right now, just take it easy. All the people who are in favor of peace will bring osama bin laden and his organization to justice! I wanna clarify the situation that Chinese are not low moral guys and we are as the same as all western guys. Pirated copies are available at almost every corners of the world including North America. I just posted a poll to see how people react to bootleg edition of winxp pro. It does NOT mean that chinese people will only buy these illegal copies. Can you assure me that all Americans are buying authentic copies of softwares or CDs? I did see some western guys buying large amount of pirated stuffes in China. So DO NOT make big fuss over this tiny thing. People has his own moral standards. No one can control others' thoughts! Chinese people are of high morality as well as white guys. Did I make myself clear? Let's only talk about the winxp. Don't get any emotion invovled, okay? It's just a poll.
  9. Poll: How many people around the world will buy an authentic copy of WinXP pro? And How many people will stand for self-burned copy of winxp, or for crackers. Microsoft sucks! The price is too high! The war between hackers and MS will never ends!
  10. My winxp is none-activation version, namely OEM or Corporate edition but I am not sure about it. Can all oem winxp use update service? If positive, that will be great!
  11. Win XP version 5.1 (Build 2600. xpclient.010817-1148) Is my winxp final edition? I successfully ran the windows update for my soundcard (SB Live Digital). Does it mean that I can use the update service for good?
  12. Let's share the experience using winxp. What is your hardware settings for xp? Epox 8KTA3+ WD 6G HY133 -- 320M Duron 800 ATI Radeon LE 32DDR SB Live Digital NEC 32x CD-ROM NEC 8x DVD-ROM The startup speed of xp is as the same as that of win2000. Feeling faster when running prog. under xp. Running 4 2 monthes, no crash down! Most prog. are compiatable with xp, while some are not like AutoCAD. Xp supports lots of hardware which are not supported by win2000. I got a Mircotek Slimscan C3 USB. It cannot be regonised by win2000 but accepted by xp. Great!!! Bye for now, Until then!
  13. Currently I have two operating systemes win98 and winxp. At startup, a os selection menu appears. Now I wanna uninstall win98 so that I don't have to select the menu at every startup. But I have no idea how to uninstall win98 safely and completely under winxp? Anyone knows?