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  1. Sooo, just reinstalled my OS. Installed Startisback as usual with the option "Just for me" But while I sat and optimized all the bloatware and s*** on Windows 10 as usual I noticed all programs in Startisback menu was not showing anything. Tried restarting, nothing changed. So I decided to reinstall... But for some reason my only option was "Install for everyone" and the "Just for me" option was grayed out <.< Which is weird since that is the way I originally installed it before trying to reinstall it. Please help with this since it kind of annoys me >.< Regards
  2. Feedback: Startapps folder lets you right click and select uninstall on apps that is not able to be uninstalled. Noticed that this happens with startisback, this lets the uninstall app window stay up for quite a while and there is no way to cancel it. You have to wait or restart computer. Works great otherwise, no problems!
  3. Is it possible for you guys to add the feature to make the whole start menu a different colour? So where the "apps" are in the start menu the usual colour is white but is it possible to make a feature to change it to like black and the font colour to white? Hopefully I'm not complicating things, love it anyways! Keep doing great stuff like this!

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