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  1. Hello Tihiy, Version 1.1.0 looks really good and cool! Too bad M$ is not responding so quick and with so much it's customers, like you do! Anyway, the most I like (in terms of GUI) is the addition of Windows 10 total transparancy (where you've replace the left bej/white background). Now, that's really owesom. I wish, really, if you could get us, please, the same treat on Windows 7 version? What I would like is basically to have the same left hand transparency like right hand side, but still kipping the same gorgeous 3D effects for tabs and so on; also, it won't hurt to have as a refreshing view the same round user/logo shape like in Win10. Just to finish up, the last thought is about Search field. Coult it hurt if it would also get read of the white background for a, let's say, a very blury/transparent one? Thanks again for all your work and response.
  2. Alright, I got it! It works fine in WX-162, it took me awile to realize how to disable those ugly glyph icons... OR, if it would be posible to have them, but in a much better design quality (that will be awesome). Personaly, I prefer the user picture in rectangle shape, but like anything else, maybe giving the option of a round one would please some/more people. I've noticed, also, the choise between pressing "Win" key and "Win + Ctrl" keys are limited to basically two options. Perhaps, if possible, it should be one more: showing the original Win 10 menu. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but for me clicking on the "Settings" didn't work at all, I was just getting an error message saying that there is not assign action for that particular choise. So far, so good. I'm actually a proud registered owner of the previous version of StartIsBack, and I've tried some other alternatives for Start Menu replacement. But, the best turned out to be StartIsBack. Therefore, I'm gonna keep going with my choice, regardless of getting SiB++ for free as an upgrade or not. I'm not sure if there is anything being worked on some other options regarding Aero Glass, what will really be nice would be to have the transparency applied to the title bar as well. But maybe I dream too much, it's just a wish. Anyway, thanks a lot for all good work, dedication and for giving us a much appreciated option of an reasonable alternative to M$ stuberness. THX!
  3. I was hoping to find a link to download the new beta 2 version. Is there any, please?

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