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  1. I've posted this in the Windows 10 sticky, but I'll post it here too. I've made a neat little high resolution (1920x1080) custom glass reflection in Photoshop that I've tested on Windows 10. It looks quite nice on my system. Add it with the Aero Glass GUI tool. (My intensity is set at the middle, with glass opacity set 1/4th.) http://i.imgur.com/Mb70M3k.png Enjoy
  2. Not sure if this will work on 8/8.1 (it probably will...) though I've made a simple but neat Custom Glass Reflection. Use Aero Glass GUI and set the intensity about half way through the slider. http://i.imgur.com/Mb70M3k.png Enjoy.
  3. Go to task manager. When it opens make sure you have clicked "More Details." Then in the tabs across the top click the "Details" tab. End Process Tree for aerohost.exe, and then dwm.exe. This is done by right-clicking on each one, and selecting "end process tree." Now you can copy files into C:\AeroGlass. Restart. Welp, that at least allowed me to copy over stuff from the 10074-64 folder... so thank you for that, I'll keep that for future reference.... though... Aero Glass doesn't work with build 10130 yet. Maybe it will if Microsoft puts the debug symbols online, but as of earlier today they hadn't done so. -Noel ...Glass indeed doesn't work (at least for me) on 10130. hopefully soon
  4. Hey folks, new to these forums but not to glass. 10 Just updated from 10074 to 10130 the other night (finally, it has failed several times before)... Glass says it doesn't understand how to hook into my operating system. I also can't overwrite any of the in-use files in C:\AeroGlass . A stumper.
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