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  1. I figured it out. In the 'Condition' line just put getOSVer()=="Vista" or if it will run on anything but Vista put getOSVer()!=="Vista" Thanks, Matt
  2. Your 'Auto Detection' of CDROM drive or Hard Drive works except I have a small problem I am running mine off of a 'Network' drive. It took me a couple of minutes figure out why the buttons disappeared but I figured this must be the case. My G: drive is real and works fine, the exact same config from my server mapped to R: (\\server\share) does not. Edit: using info from the guy a few rows up replacing the last few lines with this for the theme works <!--<script type="text/javascript"> document.all.ExtraButtons.style.display = hdd != "" ? 'block' : 'none'; </script> --> <script type="text/javascript"> // document.all.ExtraButtons.style.display = 'none'; document.all.ExtraButtons.style.display = 'block'; </script>
  3. Well to get around that expand out the numbers 100......WinZip 200......Notepad ... ... 999....Rename Computer Then as you add applications just add one like 100......WinZip 150......Winamp 200......Notepad ... 999....Rename Computer hope that helps
  4. 189,659 as of april 5 3:36 central
  5. I have been using your driver packs for a little while now, one of the 4 version trees worked better for drivers, the 5 versions didnt work with my Promise Fasttrak driver in XP. I haven't tried the latest 5.02.02 (using the 5.02) so thinking this might help, however I tried to download it today and says Document contains no data after the 'download now' link (after the new page opens etc..)
  6. I have very few posts but I was thinking the same thing pballdan11 even before i read your post. Just found out about this site a week ago, as maybe you, but just because we are new doesnt mean we dont know our sh*t
  7. I havent had too much time to go looking for everything, so I was pretty much unaware of the profile.exe solution all together. I would probably use both depending on the situation at hand.
  8. I had a couple problems with installing XPI extenstions from the cd during the RunOnceEx.cmd Here is my firefox.cmd that I got to work when run on a normal command line, now I just need to get it running when done from RunOnceEx
  9. I have been working quite a bit on all this kind of stuff this past week. I will try out your idea empty and let your and bashrat know if I have any luck, I am sure bashrat doesnt always want to do all the work
  10. there is a lot of nice info on this site, keep it up, and I will contribute my skillz as well
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