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  1. @mkanet2 can you tell how exactly is called this theme? http://i62.tinypic.com/1zqy4av.png .
  2. Can somebody reupload this UxThemeSignatureBypass.7z?. Link is dead.
  3. If you feel it's excellent... Something you'll look at and use every day... A bright idea... How much does it cost to buy a good book or LED light bulb? How much did you pay for the operating system where they felt it was okay to just DELETE Aero Glass? -Noel I was only ask .. don't blame me ... ---------------- I was donate 8€ while ago, and now i can generate 6 keys, but when i want to login on this site www.glass8.eu/donate i recieved this message ... Sorry, but we could not find you in the database.The e-mail or password probably does not match your PayPal account at the time of your donation. If you did not receive any password, use your postal code (or ZIP).This may also be caused by situation that you didn't respect donation instructions and you used different form of the donation.I entered PAYPAL Login and Pass. Did i do something wrong? .
  4. Oh ... I get it now . It's possible to contact the developer to discuss how much money i must donate to get 1 or 5 full versions? .
  5. You mean it doesn't matter how much i can donate developer for full access?.
  6. Hello mates , i;ve a question. How much i must donate to get full version (no watermark) for this excellent app? . I was donate 1€ by PAYPAL yesterday and i didn't recieveany thank mail from developer . This is too low donate to get full access?.
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