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  1. Rob

    CD-RW Problem

    Woah Playing with the registry though... I have never done that, is it really safe for a n00b to do so?
  2. Rob

    CD-RW Problem

    Hey I got a Sony Vaio laptop (FX-702) with WinXP Home on it, but since I rebooted the system, it has not recognised my CD-RW. Programs such as Easy CD Creator (which worked before) now dont work Is there anybody out there that could possibly give me a hand? Its awful not having a CD-RW these days
  3. I know a fair bit about Invision now, so I would say anybody with a decent place like this should always wait until the Final is released. Also, you will NEED to re-skin when you upload the release 1.2 Final, unless you stick with the default skin, as previous skins are not compatible. I'm sure 99% of you know this anyhow.
  4. Just done my AVCE ICT exam... doing another year of it next year... bit boring really Everybody else in class is learning how to use MS Word to make webpages... IM A LITTLE PAST THAT STAGE
  5. Rob

    IE searching

    Thanks Spyware prog found out what it was and got rid. A small little program had found its way through IE through a security hole apparently, which allowed programs to install and execute without giving me any warnings or options to download or not. Anyway, MSN search is back. Thanks again
  6. I recently got some 'virus' or whatever it is which means now when I search for something in IE it goes directly to this rubbish site (image below). Its really annoying. I want is as default going directly to MSN search Also, if there is a page cannot be displayed, it takes me to this site too Can anybody rid me of this junk and go back to defaults Would appreciate some help
  7. Looks like those guys really get on well
  8. Fly-eyes Christina does nothing for me Britney all the way!!
  9. lol: ICT Cisco Networking Philosophy & Ethics Geography Languages = crap for me! I got an F for German GCSE As for maths - I am rubbish! Which means I am crap @ physics too, lol
  10. Anyone can take the deafult smilies, they come with invision. There are millions of smiley sites out there... I would say: http://carl2knight.netfirms.com/cgi-bin/objects.pl Is a very good place to start
  11. Shame on me. I am in middle of AS levels and I am spending my time here. When I get my results I will post them and you can all have them on your consience
  12. I wonder if 'large' means on the scale of AOL
  13. UKhost4u Check that out. I know its no good for Americans, but it costs under £20 a year (about $30) for... Unlimited Web Space Support for 1 domains Unlimited POP Mail Boxes Unlimited Mail Forwarding Unlimited Autoresponders Unlimited MRA Free Control Panel Unlimited Transfer Limit Customer Error Pages Live Statistics (Upgrade to Urchin) FTP Access PHP v4 Support CGI Bin Unlimited MySQL databases Front Page 2002 Extensions Apache Active Server Pages Server Side Includes (SSI) Webmail Access 99.5% Server up-time
  14. Woah Better than I could have expected "THERES A LETTER IN YOUR MAILBOX" Brilliant Cheers

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